Thursday, April 7, 2011

Be grateful

I'm struggling to keep my eyes opened, so I'll just do a quick post.

This morning, we just heard the news that my cousins' grandma fell this morning when she woke up. She got up from bed and stood up, but fell down. She tried again, and she fell again. She was then rushed to the hospital. The doctor said she had brain haemorrhage and then did a CT Scan, turned out that she actually has a brain tumor that is pushing her motoric nerve and cause it to bleed. They suggest to have it removed via surgery. The thing is, she is old, the surgery is risky and they're afraid she can't handle it. In the other hand, well, she can't live with brain tumor either.

I can only pray for her to be better soon, however, this makes me think that all my friendship issues do not really matter. It makes me think that I shouldn't worry of all those trivial things. Friends, future, ambitions, holidays, etc, do not really matter. We shouldn't care about all things we want, or things we've lost. At least, we're still alive and are living well. Isn't it? And be glad just because we're all healthy now. One day, we might not.

Good night all.

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