Thursday, July 7, 2011

Spreets - IMAX Tickets

Time flies! Suddenly it's been 2 months since I blogged last time :/ As I said, this blog was intended for praises and complaints and a bit of show offs :p (and of course some random blabbering I usually do XD). Now, it's time for complaint!

My sisters and I bought Australian Movie Tickets back in June. See this link for complete deal. Basically, I could buy Australian Movie Tickets which are valid in Dandy Cinema, IMAX and some other cinemas for $8. I personally bought them for watching movies in IMAX. It was a good deal considering I can watch 3D in IMAX for 8 bucks. It would cost me at least $11 to watch it in Events Cinema (And that's already a discounted ticket price).

However.... *sigh... it took SO LONG just to arrive in my mailbox!! It took at least 2 weeks to arrive. Australian Post does good jobs in delivering mails, local mails are usually received within 2 working days. And then while waiting for those tickets to arrive, somewhere at the back of my mind, I remember my colleague mentioned that Australian Movie Tickets always had some issues, that's why we stopped purchasing from them anymore. -_-" why didn't I remember that 2 weeks ago -_-"

Anyway, I have no problem with Spreets. I can't remember if I ever bought something of them, but even after this deal, I still don't label Spreets bad. Afterall, the despatch of those tickets were done by Australian Movie Tickets themselves, not Spreets. Spreets doesn't show my comments anymore, but I wrote that if I were them, I would think twice to do business with Australian Movie Tickets. Or at least maybe extend the validity of the vouchers. Those vouchers were valid for 3 months only. After the delay, they were only valid around 2 and half month or less...

Anyway, we used some of our vouchers last Sunday for Cars 2 :) The movie was great! :))

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