Sunday, December 5, 2010

13 Days of Surprises - Day 2

It's 2:35 AM in Sydney so I'll just do a quick post *hoahm..* This is my Day 2 present for my best friend :)
It's a cute box! :P

And guess guess, what's inside????

Tadaaaa!!! It's a mirror!! With some notes underneath saying "The person pictured above is in fact one of the most special gifts in my life*. I do think this way.

When I read this idea online, I thought it's a sweet cute little prank. So I took it as one of my pressies. The pig balloons image was taken online too by my sister. I will post the details after 13 Days ends :)

My friend likes the box (I think I got better and better in understanding her difficult taste ;P) and the pig balloons (She loves pigs, that's why we chose this image. So at least if she doesn't like the gift idea, she must like the image lol).

So all good!!!

Time for bed :)

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