Thursday, December 9, 2010

13 Days of Surprises - Day 6

Here's day 6 present!

I did good job wrapping it, didn't I? Tell you the truth, I've never tried wrapping gift this way, and it turned out alright!! Yayyy ^^ My bestie said it looked so Christmassy though.. but it's good Xmas way :)

And the content is....

Hehehe... I saw this kind of gift on the internet and again thought it was pretty cool gift. Both giving and pranking ahahhahahahaa.. the poem comes from them too, but I did change the wordings here and there just to make it sound more like me. I didn't have all gifts prepared in my mind when I started this project, so when I found this idea, I took it :D Plus, I don't have to make anything except the poem ehhehehe :D

I think my friend seemed kind of believing that the poem was actually real. The fact is, it wasn't. It was planned. But I chose day 6 so I could rest a bit and preparing for the next few days gifts hehehe.. will tell you later which one I had to prepare few days before.

My bestie looked alright receiving it. Obviously she didn't think I would give her this present :P She wasn't sure if she would be able to make it, I then said to her "See the spoon on the top of the box? There's only one spoon there, meaning it's very easy, kids should be able to make it, so if you can't, you're worse than kids" =P

PS: My bestie told me, her flatmate was hungry after she got home and went to her room asking for snacks. Then he saw my gift and laughed saying that I ran out of ideas and creativity. But after that, he asked my bestie if he could open it as he was hungry. My friend said no, she wanted to keep it till day 13 to take photo of all the gifts together, also she didn't want to make it that night. Her flatmate was confused, and asked what to make? Apparently, he thought it was real cookies, not cookie mix LOLLLLLLLLLLL =P Now you tell me, did I not have any more ideas and creativity???? =PP

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