Tuesday, December 14, 2010

13 Days of Surprises - Day 9 and 10

Another 2 days posts :P

Today (yesterday, as it's 12:16 AM already) is my best friend's birthday, so I was busy making day 13 present yesterday hehehe...

So, here's Day 9 pressie!! :)

Nice envelope, isn't it?

It's a Mini Fairy Tales Encyclopedia!!

We searched for photos and stick them with some bits of the fairy tales that my friend should know and some bits that not many people may know. Both sides of each card have content.

And this is why I gave her this :P

The idea actually came from herself. When she received day 2 present, she emailed me and said something like "Mirror mirror on the wall... just like sleeping beauty" LOLLLLLLLLL :P then I thought, hm... I better give her this and get her to memorise them all :P She doesn't know yet, but she will be tested soon huahahahha *evil laughter*

And here is Day 10 Present :)

Peanut and Chocolate Oat Cookies

I actually wanted to make her Peanut biscuits, she likes those, but I have never baked biscuits before, so I thought cookies would be safer :P This was featured on Better Homes and Gardens long time ago, could be years ago and they looked good. So I looked for the recipe again and decided to bake them. They taste pretty good. My only mistake was the nuts were big, should have chopped them a bit :P Oh, I gave them to her on the day when she had toothache LOLLLL She could only eat one :p But she likes them ^^ She can eat them a bit later, she was planning to keep everything and take photo of them all together anyway :P I wrapped it nicely, didn't I?? :))

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