Thursday, September 6, 2012

The owner of my apartment is....... *drumroll*

I've been living in my apartment for about 5 years now, and just after they told me the unit is being sold, I found out that the owner of my apartment is in fact the writer of The Chasers!

I didn't suspect him to be anyone really, plus I don't watch The Chasers though I know what the show is about. But few days ago, I don't know why, I suddenly wanted to google him. So I googled him, and the first page of google comes up with details, pages and photos of this one man. I wasn't sure about his middle name though, since in my contract, there was no middle name. But I kinda felt this could be the guy, since when I did the inspection long time ago, his apartment was full of pictures hanging on the wall. Not his photos, but more like things celebrities/artists would hang. But I still thought, ah it can't be.

I still asked my bestie though if the owner is the chaser guy (she met him last month when the owner asked for access to my apartment to show to prospective buyer. I was in Singapore back then, so I asked my bestie to be there just to make sure no once touches my stuffs without permission. After all, the content of this appartment are all mine! lol). She doesn't watch the chasers. But considering she has another best friend, she checks with him too, the Google :P and here was her reply:
"ehhhhhh that's the guyyyyyy!!! I don't know the chaser, I mean I dunno who are the guys, but it's him!!! LOL  apparently I met a famous guy hahhahahahaa... had a chat too, even got his phone number hauhahahahaha"

And my response was "Wuahhhh apparently I've been living in an apartment of a famous guy @_@ and just knew about it after it is about to be sold lol".

She did mention there's something about him that made her feel errr... but she didn't tell me what yet. I checked with my sis too if she remembers his face, and she said yeah, I still meet him every now and then. Huh???? I never met him again??? She said she sometimes meets him in the building, or sees him at the cafe downstairs, so he still lives here. And yes I show her the photo and she said yep, that's our owner.

Ah btw, talking about the cafe, I've been living here for 5 years, and I never ever ever bought anything in there lol :P The first time I stepped in was few weeks ago when my uncle came visit me and bought coffee there nearly every day :P and he is from Indo :P

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