Saturday, January 19, 2013

Flood in Jakarta

It's funny how we're having extreme heat here in Sydney while Jakarta is flooding everywhere. I showed photos that I got from my friends and family to colleagues and they were all so shocked. Kinda embarassing to tell them that no, there was no typhoon or storms or anything, it's just that the river is too dirty that rubbish stucks etc etc... indo indo... make me proud sometimes donk :P eh, speaking bout the flood, here's what my mum sent me the other day:

"Ini tweet dr seorang asing mengenai banjir Jkt... Everywhere in the world flood is measured by
'centimeters' or 'meters'. Only in Indonesia flood is measured by 'dengkul', 'betis', 'paha', and 'pinggang'. I'm confused."
It's true though, I was chatting with my friend the other day when the flood started, we were reminiscing how flood was such happy memory in our childhood day i.e. yayyyyy we can't go to school :P And she said, yeah there was one time she woke up in the middle of the night, still asleep she tried to find her bolster so she put out her hand to the floor side of her bed and she touched water. Her room was in flood!!!! And then she woke her sisters up. And then she went saying, "kayanya itu sepinggang pembokat gw deh...." hauhahahahahhaahahaa... so true... but then she thought again and said "hm... I think she was about 160 cm" ahuhahahahaha... as for me, I said to her about my experience like this "wkt masi di toko sih kayanya yg paling dalem tuh below 1 m deh. Maybe about 80 cm?". So I think I'm more logical in this case :P But maybe the real reason I used cm or m is because I didn't jump into the water so I don't know if it was dengkul, betis, pinggang or paha hauhahahahahhaha.... Just FYI, was reading Kompas this morning, and they do use same terminology, always use betis, pinggang, mata kaki, leher, etc to describe the water level :P
Anyway, this flood got me quite worried.
1. My grand uncles were forced to leave their home coz it was flooding. My mum sent me the photo of their complex entrance gate, and the water covers up to about 50 cm from the top of the gate. So maybe roughly 150 cm?
2. My eldest uncle's home was in flood too, and my mum said he's only got a bottle of water left. He has a family of 4!!!! And she said he couldn't get out anymore. Got me so worried!! Then I contacted one of his daughter who lives in Sydney about it. She replied sometimes after saying, "Ud ci... uda beli.... Gaaaaaa... Aku ga tau mamamu dpt kabar drmn, org aku uda cek. Mereka baru nyetok lagi 5 galon. Mamamu dikerjain papaku kali. " -o- what theeeeeeeeee my uncle yg ituuuuuuuuuu ughhhhhhhhhhh -_-""""""" I just remembered that he LOVES playing with my mum's panicky trait -.- My mum does have this very panic/worry/bawel trait, I don't know how to explain it. And this uncle of mine knows it very well and LOVES making her panic -_-" duasarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
3. One of my best friend's home in Jakarta is in flood. Looking at the photo that she sent, it's sebetis lol :p And her level 2 is for storage and not as big as the level 1, so she can't really evacuate her stuffs.
The news says Jakarta will be "sinking" on 27 Jan 2013. Hope it won't happen. Surely it's so fun to hear all of this news and not actually experiencing it, but I do hope it won't happen. And I'm pretty sure when human predicts it, it never happens :) which is a good thing thoughhhh :)
It's my friend's wedding too today in Jakarta. Hope everything goes well for his wedding. We went to same school since kindergarten, primary school, junior high, senior high, and surprisingly he showed up on my first day of uni too -_-" We didn't get along well during school, but it did get much better during uni, even went for road trip together. How I missed those time. Anyway hope the wedding all goes to planned :)

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