Saturday, January 19, 2013

What happened in 2012

Can't believe it's now 20 minutes to year 2013! Half an hour ago I was falling asleep complaining why the midnight is still so far away and now I don't think I will finish this post before 2013 T_T

2012 has been a good year for me. It was tough sometimes, but I cruised through it quite leisurely. I can say 2012 was one of my easier years. Past 4-5 years have been hard, and 2012 fell into the easy category. Now let me reflect on what happened in my 2012.

I took a Mandarin class! and I didn't think for weeks or months to come to decision, only 1-2 days :) And I'm still sticking to it. Well I do need to enrol to continue the class, but I will continue.

I also had my surgery in March. Had my first experience staying in a hospital hehehe... well it was the second if you count the day I was born XD and I had my first experience of anaesthetic hohoho... :P It was just as my colleague told me before the surgery, "The best sleep I ever had". My last memory was my doctor telling me to move from the bed to the operating table and that was it. When I opened my eyes again, it was 2 hours after and surgery was done! My first words to the nurse were "Was it done?". It really felt just like a blink of eyes @__@ At the beginning, I was given a private room ^^ but then in the afternoon, the nurses came and said there was a lady who had just given birth, so if I didn't mind, they'd like to give my room to her so she can have some privacy. How nice of me giving her my room :P But I didn't mind the shared room either, there were only 3 patients including me. 1 was a guy who broke his foot and did not make any sound all day. The lady next to me was a bit noisy, she woke me up a few times that night by keep calling the nurse over -_-" But I was under morphine, so just close my eyes and I'd be dreaming again before I fall asleep. And I mean it. Anyway, just an advice if you happen to visit someone who just had a surgery. After the surgery, we are still under morphine and left over anaesthetic from the surgery, those make us nauseated. So, it's better to not bring us cakes or bread or heavy food. My cousins and friends brought me err... kinda embarassing since it was after surgery -_-" but they bought me cupcakes, mocha hot cross buns and easy way ;P out of those, only Easy Way tasted the best and did not make me nauseated. The cupcakes and hot cross buns were great too, don't get me wrong, but a swallow gives me nausea, it was quite hard to eat. So better bring sweet drinks with no milk i.e. iced tea, aloe vera, wang lo kat maybe? :P Baker's Delight's hot cross buns are really great, the nurse asked me that night what is it that I have in the paper bag, she'd been wondering what smells so good. It was the mocha hot cross buns :P

It was a small procedure that granted me the permission to take 7.5 days sick leave off work and let me fly for holiday! (My specialist told me last year, that I wasn't supposed to fly until I had my surgery. Honestly, I kinda thought it wasn't really true, but just to be on the safe side, plus my mum would go off if I flew, I didn't fly for the whole year). So, this year I had holiday to Singapore and Indonesia.

I met my 13 years long chat friend for the very first time. Having known him all these years since my junior high, but I had neither speak to nor meet him. It was nice to finally meet him and his family. Should have done it sooner maybe haha.. but better late than never, and I hope there will be many more meetings in the future :)

We moved house last October. Our apartment was sold to a buyer who would stay in the unit, so we had to move after around 5 years living there. It was sad to leave, but I like my new place too, and it's good to have a change of environment :)

What else... hm... I regained some old friends, becoming even closer to some friends, and met new people. I made some more crafts and learned some new ideas. I heard more critiques, and I learn to listen, take the ones I can apply, and ignore the ones I can't take. Got even closer to my colleagues, though I think I become even more shameless *wide grin*

Lots of things were broken and I bought replacements. Some of them were expensive too, but it's good to replace things that have worked their asses off for years. It's just the time to move on. Saying that, remind me I need to buy new vacuum cleaner ;P

And I think I spoil myself a little bit more this year :) I deserve it.

The thing that I had less this year was cooking and reading books. SOOOOO lazy to cook this year. I ended up having catering. But it was good though, I got it from Maranatha. I stopped because I moved to Kogarah. Hope I can be a little bit dilligent and cook more next year. I read a few indo books this year i.e. My Stupid Boss and Curcol Kantor. Soooo funny! I had to hold my laughter when I read them in trains :P And started The Girl with Dragon Tattoo trilogy. They are good books really, they become my favourites. Everytime I read them I always think "Arghhhh the author has passed away T__________________T"

Anyway I started writing this on New Year's eve, but I just finished it on 19 Jan :/ I guess this would come up on top of the posts I did earlier today ://

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