Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Hottest Day in Sydney

Yesterday was the hottest day in Sydney EVER! From memory, the weather forcast said it was going to be 37 degree max, however it turned out to be 46 degree at around 2-3 PM in North Sydney -_-"

When I heard it was going to be a hot day, I brought my fan to work (normal fan doankkkk yg musti dikipas2 sendiri, bukan pake batere :P). I didn't care if my colleague would laugh at me >( From experience, our office aircon has this habit of breaking down on the hottest day -_-" And yep, how I am a psychic :P it broke down TWICE during the day. Once in the morning just after the longgggg friday morning meeting. My team leader was briefing me on a new task I needed to do, and I could feel the hot air coming from the window next to me. I said to him, "It's hot T__T", and he said "Yeah heard it's gonna be a hot day". And I couldn't feel the aircon :S Then my IT boss started closing all his blinds and turned off the lights huahahhahaha poor him, he has his own office, and MAYBE, he doesn't aircon ventilation in there.

Just before lunch the aircon was on. Just a tiny weeny little bit though *sulking*. My friend suggested to come for lunch at her lobby since it has aircon, which I refused becozzzzzzz I would have to walk outside for 10-15 min one way before reaching her officeeeeeee T__________T and after that 10-15 min again going back to the office TT__________TT No wayyyyyyyy =.= I'd just hang around in the coolest part of my office, kitchen. Lucky there wasn't anyone there, so it was cool *phew*. My colleague was wishing it would break down again so we could go home. Not in my opinion. Even if it does break again, according to my experience, it would take until 4.30ish - 5ish for the directors to release us home. I prefer to have the aircon works.

Then after lunch, the office became hot again. 2 of my colleagues asked me "Can you faint? So we can go home?" -_-" I wished! My friend also suggested that to me lol :P and the weather forcast on my PC shows 46 degree!!!!!! My weatherzone app too T______T I straight away whatsapp-ed my cousin who was staying overnight at my place to break an egg on the balcony and see if it was cooked LOL :P But she didn't do it though *memble* :(( She said no way she's going out :P So that's how it feels to live in Arab :/ Then an email circulated which said something like this "As we all know, the air conditioning is not working. The technicians are currently trying to fix the airconditioning that broke because the thermo detector, located on the building’s roof overheated and tripped the ‘chiller’. " -_-"""""" That damn chiller had been tripped twice yesterday -_-""" why didn't they put something between the thermo detector and chiller so they can't trip each other?????? ughhhhhhhh and yes I was fanning myself with my old manual fan. Oh, and the creative girl started shouting "WHO WANTS ICE CREAM??????????" and of course *uhuk uhuk* I was the first to say "MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" hauhahahahahhaha.... got the new calippo coke and lemonade flavour :)) it was good hehehehe...

My colleague told me, her friend's financial planners sent her a picture of the temp of where he was, and it was 50 degree! And that ANZ branch doesn't have adequate aircon, so he was working from his car hauhahahahahahaha =P

anyway the aircon started working at around 3:30 I think. I don't know how long I spent sitting on my desk staring at the monitor just writing an update query. Apparently that happens to to my colleague on the other side. Oh well... it was hot man, what can you expect, my brain really stopped functioning. No wonder people who are stranded in deserts end up fainting or falling asleep. Just can't keep your focus.

The train station was b****y hot! There were delays in every single line that is not undergoing trackwork -_-" "Expect delay for 40 minutes" that's what they said on the site. I didn't feel the delay, but they limit people coming into platforms in North Sydney. And lucky me :)) I got the trains with aircon woohooooooo ^^ My sister didn't get aircon in one of her trains hehehe... poor her.. :p Ah, before I left work, I called my cousin to make sure the apartment is COOL when I get there :P

My unit was cool and finally cold when we're home so it was nice. Around 8 the temperature went down and there was cool breeze. Around 9 it was already 23 degree. -_-" 46 degree in the arvo and 23 degree at night. How extreme :/

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