Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Super excited plays up again -_-

I don't know if I have mentioned this, but our beloved company has this unspoken regulation (well it used to be written, but since sometime ago, it was taken out for unclear reason). The rule is if you want to quit, you are not allowed to find a job first, and then quit. You should (must actually) tell the bosses that you are not happy, discuss and let them try persuade you to stay. THEN, if you still want to leave, then you should tell them and once they approve it, you can start looking for work. You however can stay working until you find a job.

That's what they call give and take. You give them a lot of notice, preferably AT LEAST 3 months, and in turn they let you stay until you find a new job. Even if it actually take you more than 3 months. Weird I admit, but at least it kinds of balance it out.

Well that's history. Now that our company is in not so good state, they throw that out of the door. Poor the loyal employees who just want to do the right thing for the company and leave in good terms. Oh btw, leaving in good terms is hardly possible. After working here for so long, people come and go, but the number of people who left on good terms does not exist the number of my hand fingers.

Anyway, I have this colleague in IT department. Since he started, I knew he hated the job. On his first 3 months, he told me he wouldn't reach 1 year anniversary. However, gradually he liked the job and stayed for around 3 years. As I mentioned, our company has been in not so good state, and he needed more money which he couldn't get here, so he wanted to find another job. Last year when he brought up the topic of quitting for I don't know... Like the millionth time, I told him if he wanted out, just tell them you are not happy and want to leave. Don't just give 4 weeks notice, you won't have good ending if you do that. He responded "No way I am going to tell them." But he actually thought about it and talked to the boss before he started finding job.

I still feel a bit guilty for giving him that advice. Not long after he said he's not quitting yet, but he wanted to find another job, Lao Er (at super excited's instruction OF COURSE) asked him for resignation letter. Told him he can stay even after the date stated has passed. He handed it in. He was allowed to go for interviews. However, pretty much every single day he got asked if he had found a job yet. Either directly to him, or through his supervisor. He couldn't stand anymore and left a day before the stated date. Fyi, he had a lot of tasks to finish, and the bosses happily let him go leaving a mountain of tasks to remaining colleagues. This is my speculation, but I think he was pretty fed up when he left so he did not bother to say good bye to anyone other than his IT colleagues...

The funny thing was, around 5 super excited came happily to our department to say good bye to him, and he had already gone. Then he started chirping about how he didn't come up to say good bye to him and started singing about how super excited didn't get this person at all, he used to be mad and then accepted, and then now super excited don't know anymore... -_- he should have come up to me and say bye bla bla bla... -_- oh man, look at how you treated him up till he left, how can he actually still think that normal people would still be nice to him and like him after what he's done? how could he expect people to give him respect after he tried so hard to get rid of them -_-" super excited... Super excited... You really are one of a kind.

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