Thursday, April 10, 2014

Super excited played up again - final

Long story short, he won --__-- GI Jane handed in her resignation. The date is not what super excited wanted, but he agreed with it. Which is kinda surprising to me considering he always gets what he wants.

Anyway, GI Jane did call Fair Work Australia to ask for advice in regards to this issue, and they told her your boss can't ask you to resign, they have to fire you. If they ask you to resign, then she can report them for unfair dismissal. However, I understand why she didn't want to report it. She simply doesn't want to make her life harder. True, if she did, and she would still work here, it would be awkward for her meeting super excited every day. And super excited, being the person he is, will definitely make sure her life feels like in hell both in amount of work he's giving her and his treatment to her. I've seen pretty bad example of that in the past, so trust me on that.

However, on the other hand, it was really unfair to GI Jane. All these time she has been working hard, and some of the great things this company has achieved, big parts of them were done by her. And then now that she's not useful anymore, he kept saying that her performance these past few months have been very bad and she didn't earn her salary. All those words were just to create excuses to make her feel guilty and then resign. He wanted to make excuses and cover the fact that her role is now redundant. It's obvious that it's all about money.

Having GI Jane resigned voluntarily will surely give impact to super excited and to us, the fellow colleagues. Super excited will definitely be even more aggressive in the future and us will be even more pressured to follow what he wants us to do. Only God can help us, that's what Water Tap said to me.

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