Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a day for Australia

It really feels like Deja Vu. I remember many years ago I saw our former President giving speech that he was stepping down as the president and the vice president will act as president for the rest of reigning years. And then few years after that, I saw on TV again, our other former President being forced to step down by the people. And then he made a speech that he was stepping down. Today, Kevin Rudd stepped down from his position as the Prime Minister of Australia. My sister said it right after breaking news last night when he said he was not stepping down and still intended to continue the job. I was like oh.. yeah.. it is similar. And this morning, he stepped down without even doing the voting which is surprising as he looked so insist to do so yesterday, it really felt like Deja Vu. And now Australia has the very first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

I personally didn't want it to happen. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with her. It's just eventhough I'm a female, I actually think women are more annoying compared to guys in terms of leadership. I have had a lot of male managers and few female managers. But my female managers were more bitchy type. So, don't blame me for having this assumption :P Maybe because I'm a girl too so they were bitchy to me :P

Anyway, hopefully she can be a good PM until next election, and I do feel very sorry for Kevin Rudd. I think he looks like a good guy, but maybe a good guy is not what a country needs. But I mean, he was not a PM for long, and it wasn't his fault to be a PM on a financial crisis period. It's not easy to fix and it does take a lot of years to fix, not just 1-2 years. It's just like asking Indonesian president to fix the country just within 3 years(or 5? I can't remember how long each presidential period anymore. The constitution changed not long before I finished school so pardon me please :P), it's impossible!! It's obviously impossible to fix it in 5 years, I'd even say it won't be fixed in 20 years. Oh yeah.. true, it's been 10 years and it's still the same (Or well.. slightttttttttly changed maybe? or even worse? Traffic everywhere, flood, black out etc -_-). Well.. anyway it's done. I'm curious, I have no idea about politics, but people chose Kevin Rudd, is it actually legal for government to just pick another PM? @__@ From my office lunch room conversation, I found out that none of my colleague (on same lunch time with me) prefers Julia to Kevin. I wonder if our lunch room colleagues represent the people of Australia :/

Second thing, Australia won againsts Serbia this morning yayyy!! ^^ No wonder I won 7 bucks :P I was wondering how come I got that much since I thought Oz lost :P (I only read "Socceroos dream is over" heading and assumed they lost :P). But yeah, eventhough they won, the dream is over, we didn't get enough goals to qualify :(( I'm not a fan of soccer so I'm not sure how this qualify thing works, but that's what I think it is.

So yeah, what a day.. 24 July 2010.. it will be in history.

And today too, Joanne was kicked out from Master Chef!!!!!! Hoorayyyyyyyyyyy ^^ been waiting for ages!!!!! Finally, finally, finally!!!! Jonathan is really the eliminator, 7 times!! He should be in the Guiness Book of Record. Finally something good happened today :P

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