Saturday, June 12, 2010

Luvluv.Biz Refunded, FINALLY!!!

Remember my previous post about my order from Luvluv.Biz last year that I haven't received yet? I've been sending them emails but they always said they had problems please be patience bla bla bla.... I finally sent my final email asking for a refund and lodged a Paypal investigation. I guess that's what I need to scare them off, coz.... I just got an email from Paypal saying "We are writing to you in regards to your recent transaction involving The seller has requested that we issue you a full refund, and we have issued the refund accordingly." Hoorayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! ^^ FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! After more than 6 months!!! Coincidently, I was just thinking yesterday to lodge a claim to my credit card provider as I have buyer protection with them. Now I don't have to do it anymore yayyy ^^ But I still won't recommend anyone to buy off them.

I was planning to post my upcoming 2nd Gmarket order (They are in Sydney airport now btw :D), but my cousin, auntie, sisters and I went to Blue Mountain today and I'm so damn tired right now. My feet are sore and my eyes only have few watt left. I'll go straight to bed after posting this. BUT, I'm sooooo happy ^^ The trip was great. It was so cold (max 9 degree Celcius), but the scenery was so beautiful. It was relaxing and the walk was enjoyable. We gossiped a lot too LOL :P So yeah, I think all of us had a great time. Next time we'll stay overnight :P

Anyway, that 2nd order post has to wait till tomorrow. Good night everyone and for people in Oz (excluding WA), enjoy the long weekend!!! :)

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