Sunday, June 13, 2010

Waiting on 2nd Gmarket Haul :D

As I said yesterday, my 2nd Gmarket haul is at Sydney Airport now ^^ And as I've promised yesterday (promised to nobody actually :/ just to my blog :P), here are the items we ordered.

There are 16 items in total. 8 for me and my sis, 8 for my cousins.

We found these jumpers at this link. They are so cute so my sister bought 1 of each, and my cousin bought the love one :D And they were cheap too! Only 11,900 Won and 2,500 Won delivery fee. But we bought 3, so it's only 80+ won shipping each.

I can't remember which one my sister ordered, and she's fallen asleep in front of the TV already, so I just put both picture. She only ordered 1 though. It's 9,900 Won here. No delivery fee! ^^

My younger sister likes this summer/beach dress. And you know what? Just before I placed the order, we were just looking around Paddy's market and saw quite the same dress sold there for $25! To tell you the truth, the one in Paddy's market didn't look that nice. But we weren't sure the dress was exactly the same as this one (This one looks much nicer and prettier :P), so we decided to just order it. Worst scenario, the dress would go straight as night gown :P It's 16,900 Won here.

I ordered that purple turtle neck long sleeves top here for 11,900 Won + 2,500 won delivery fee. Now that I think about it, this top was not cheap :/ I wonder why I ordered it. But I am very short of winter clothes anyway, so I don't regret it. Plus this top looks nice :P I bought the purple one. That brown photo is just for display purposes as you can't see the length on that purple photo :D

The grey t-shirt on the left was cheap so I bought it :P I found it here for 7,800 won. For the photo next to it, I actually found it in plus size category and loved it the minute I saw it, but the size was all big, so disappointingly I didn't order it. But after that, I browsed around and found this again and this time in my size!! Hoorayyy ^^ I ordered the grey one for 14,800 won here.

Those 4 items above are my cousins order. All of the items in this order arrived in Gmarket 3 days after ordering, but the shoes arrived 7 days after ordering -_-" This seller is actually the same seller whom I bought my boots from last time. And last time it took them about 5 days too to send to Gmarket! Luckily the boots were good so it was worth the wait. Anyway, here are the links for those 4 items:
  • Blue shirt 9,800 Won here.
  • Shoes 16,800 Won + 2,500 Won delivery here.
  • White hoodies with eyes 23,800 Won 2,500 Won delivery here. My cousin actually bought something else on this same link, but I can't remember which one.
  • Grey sleeveless top 15,800 Won + 2,500 Won delivery here.
My cousin also ordered BB Cream from this seller, but I have no idea which one was the one she ordered. It was ₩15,800. Also a mascara from Etude House for ₩8,500 (I wonder if she'll get a freebie.. Etude House is famous for their generousity :P). And finally, I bought a dress from here for 16,900 ^^ I actually thought I had ordered this on my first Gmarket haul -_-"" I was waiting eagerly waiting thinking I ordered it! Here's my conversation with my sister after she picked up the parcel:
My sis: "I've picked up the parcel" ^^
Me: "Oh, are they good?" ^^
My sis: "Yeah, some are too big, but most of them are alright :D"
Me: "How bout my dress?" ^^
My sis: "What dress?"
Me: "I ordered a dress. That should be the only dress we ordered" :/
My sis: "Wait... I can't remember seeing a dress, let me check..."
My sis: "I can't see any dress :/" :S
Me: "Are there 19 items?"
My sis: "Yeah... I don't think we ordered a dress.... Are you sure you ordered it?"
Me: "Not sure.." T_________________T "Maybe I thought I ordered it but didn't?" T___T "arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" >>>___<<<<

So I insisted to order this dress this time :P Hopefully it turns out okay :P You know dresses are risky to buy online :( But I can't post photo now, it's not in there anymore. Will post it once I got them :D

Ah! Past midnight!! Bed time now!!! Have a good night and Happy Queen's Birthday!!!! ^^

PS: I spent my whole arvo (
3 - 11) watching Hanayome wa Yakudoshi ep 4-12. It was good :) But suddenly it was night LOL :P

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