Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Super Excited Back In Action

I did mention in my previous post that super excited is like Sheldon from Big Bang didn't I? Well today he played up again, so let me tell you a bit about him.

First thing that makes him Sheldon is seat. In our forever meeting, he always sits on the same spot EVERY single week. If there is a newbie who sits there, everybody would go "Don't sit there!! It's HIS chair!" in the manner similar to Sheldon's friends when there is someone new coming to his apartment. AND, he doesn't like to have anyone sitting behind him. Getting him wary. He did mention that even at the restaurants he always wants to sit where he can see everything that's going on and no one is behind him -_- so Sheldon eh?

Super excited takes professional work personally. He expects everyone to give him a heads up when we start thinking about leaving the company. Yep, when we start thinking. Unlike employees in other companies, he wants us to tell him first that we intend to find a job, then we go find a job. Finding a job first and then resign is a No NO in ... well most situation :P

The first not so cool thing he did in regards to quitting happened about 5 years ago maybe... There was this girl working in our company, just say her name was Betty Boop (don't think much, I saw Easter Show Bags catalogue today and the Betty Boop Show Bag is as usual pretty good and worth it :p). Anyway Betty Boop was still on her 3 or 6 months probation period, our office was far from her home and she hated the job. So, just like other normal people she tried to find another one closer to home and that is more flexible as she is a mum. When she got an offer, she immediately resigned and gave them 3 weeks notice. Super excited was not happy at all. He tried to get her to stay etc etc, but she had made up his mind. Then one day, in our forever meeting, he whispered something to Lao-Er, Lao-Er stood up, walked to Betty Boop, said something to her and then she pushed her chair back to her desk and started working. I already smelled something fishy, and later that day she told us that super excited got Lao-Er to tell her that she didn't need to come to the meeting anymore and should just work. What the... -___-

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