Saturday, March 8, 2014

Introducing Our Office Big Bang Theory Casts

This was actually something that my colleague, let say his name is Slitherin, said to me today. I think it's funny and I don't want to forget this one day, so now I'm writing it.

As usual, we had our forever meeting this morning, and the super-excited was happily chirping. Across to him, Lao-Er was seated. Lao-Er's left side was Creamer, and his right side was Ante Meridiem. Across to Lao-Er, Poker Face was seated.

Then suddenly when super-excited was talking about coffee machine in our kitchen, and how he is very fussy about how he likes his coffee and also because IT IS his coffee machine, he strongly stressed that if we want to use his coffee machine, DO NOT, DO NOT TOUCH THE BUTTONS! Which actually got everybody thinking "Then how am I going to use the machine if I'm not allowed to touch the buttons??"

I actually thought it was very funny lol.  I've never used the coffee machine, so I don't know what buttons are there, but I am pretty sure to turn it on we need to press a button somehow hahahahaha XD So funny remembering their faces when they heard him saying it lol. Anyway it turned out that what he meant was not to mess up with the settings :P

Well all this time, we (apparently) always secretly think that super-excited is just like Sheldon. From the story of the coffee machine, you can see the resemblance with Sheldon, can't you? (There are actually more things that support this theory, but I will tell you one day). And while we were in the middle of all that, Slitherin had Big Bang Theory suddenly appearing in his mind. He saw the complete cast of Big Bang Theory! Super-excited as Sheldon, Lao-Er as Leonard, Poker Face as Wollowitz, Creamer as Raj Kootrapali and ante meridiem as Penny!!

How funny! And it was actually right to each of their characteristics, not all, but you can see it. Lao-Er has always been quiet and nice, but can't win a fight with Sheldon, so he's perfect as Leonard. Poker Face... Hm.. this is where it's hard to reason, but I think he is like Wollowitz in the sense that he has the ability to sweet talk people. Raj talks a LOT normally, but in the presence of women, he becomes very quiet. Creamer is like that, but not in the presence of women, it's in the presence of super-excited :) And ante meridiem... To be honest, apart from they are both loud and females, I can't see any similarities. Slitherin did admit she became Penny just because she was there.

So there you go, our own office Big Bang Theory Casts :)) Funny how Slitherin could suddenly think about all this, he's usually a good boy hahaha XD

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