Friday, August 23, 2013

Unfortunate incidents in 2013

Few weeks ago my bestie said to me, lately there have been a lot of bad things happened either around us or related to us, making her worried. I personally didn't think much of it. Maybe because it happened to people closer to her rather than me, but then today I think she's right, quite few of bad things happened lately.

1. Her grandad passed away in January. I didn't think this was weird, her grandad had been ill for a while, and was already old, so it can be considered normal.

2. Her grandma's friend or cousin passed away not long after her grandma. This was sudden, but I can't recall if she had heart attack or stroke or something else. It was normal, but considering those 2 happened pretty close, it was a bit.. you know.

3. Had train line stopped because someone died in Como.

4. She was trapped in her office lift due to electricity problem and fire.

5. Someone committed suicide by jumping from her balcony in Regis apartment in the city. Some of our friends live in this building.

6. Someone fell from a bridge at kogarah station on top of stationary carriage and then fell to the platform. Not sure what happened there.

7. Last week, there was accident in Puncak, a bus full of Christian retreat members going home to Jakarta fell off the cliff. About 13 people died... 1 of them was the sister in law of my dad's second nephew.

I actually didn't finish writing this draft when I started it last year, so I can't remember if there is anything else. But all those mentioned above happened within short period of time. So it was pretty worrying :/

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