Sunday, August 18, 2013

Catch up! XD

Hello guys,

Been a while since my last post. Since March, a lot have happened... Well not really, the truth is my sisters always monopolize my PC and my parents came to visit for 3 months, jd ya gitu dehhhh komputer bener2 out of reach deh kali di rumah -.- tp ya thinking about it, maybe it's okay... I do use pc from 8.30-6pm every day, so I guess that's enough.

Anyway, what's happened since March... The annoying agent of mine asked to extend contract, saying the owner requires all tenants to be on contract. Blehhhhh I've been renting for so many years and none of the agents required such thing. Rese aja -.-

Then... My parents come.we didn't go holiday, but been going out every single week to suburbs. I think when we tried to count how many suburbs we've been to in 3 months, we got around 16 LOL. But all was enjoyable.

What else hmm.. oh my sister finally got her PR!!! After 3.5 years FINALLY she got it yayyyy ^^ but really she didn't lose much, she got Medicare since she lodged the application, and between us three sisters, she's the one who takes the most benefit from Medicare. Meaning dia tuh yg paling penyakitan :p winter bisa kena flu or cold every 2 weeks gt, blm bae bener ehhhhh sakit lg -.- plus gondokan, tiap brp bulan ke specialist -.- mungkin kl diitung n dibandingin sm my surgery, we might still be on par :p

With her having her PR, now we're officially going holiday to Japan!!! Hip hip hoorayyyy ^^ though we couldn't get cheap tickets since the deal came up when she hadn't got the PR, but we are going to Japan!! How exciting :) we've booked everything except shinkansen and currently making itenaries :)

Oh, I've got my certificate 2 in Mandarin :) and had a catch up with my tafe friends once. They are still fun to be with, and we still get along well. So happy :) but biarpun dpt cert 2, td di toko ditanya sm customer brp karat emasnya aja bisa salah nyebut 24 T.T really need practice nehhhh :( my reading is good though... *bela diri* :p

And Kantor makin ngga2 aja :/ si super excited apalagi. Tp ya asal ga ada si super excited ms Gpp sih, tp si krim jg lama2 makin nyebelin :/ tar deh next post bakal indo semua supaya aku ga ketauan XD but either way, mrk ga tau ini punya sopo jg hohohoho...

Oh I also went to lots of tourist places. The truth is, when my dad came last Dec, he planned to stay for 3 months, so I bought these iventure tickets for going to aquarium etc, but his PR was processed and required him to leave the country before it is finalized, so I ended up giving it to my friend. We went to madame tussaud, aquarium and Sydney tower. Madame Tussaud was pretty good I think, aquarium too. But Sydney Tower was really nothing. Just looking at scenery. We chose it because we would never go there if not for this card. And then we also went to Alexander exhibition that I won last year. Ended up exploring the whole Australian museum. They have pretty good stuffs! They have dinosaurs too!

Anyway I typed this a while back already, better publish this then! ;)

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