Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lift.. oh lift... ;P

I've just moved into my current unit few months ago right, and during the first few weeks, we noticed that people living in this building have a weird attitude :/ All of them, when getting into the lift with us, NEVER EVER swipe their card!! They wait until we get off to our level then they swipe their card :/ Weird eh???????

My sisters and I talked about it and agreed it was weird... and then came to these conclusions:
1. Kogarah is not a safe area so people have to be very cautious and not swipe the key when people are around so they can't follow them home.
2. Kogarah people are weird and petty and believe that all people are evil.

And then one day my sisters said to me.
My sister: "Ci, I was getting in the lift with some people and then when swiped my card, it didn't work. Kept trying and still didn't work. Then one of the guy said to me, yeah you have to wait until we get to the first swiped floor and then the light's off and then you can swipe your card."

Okay, so we've been thinking bad thing about our building neighbours >>>____<<< Apparently according to that gentleman, once the lift broke down and after it was fixed this issue appeared and they can only swipe 1 level at the time -_-"

Moral of the story, don't make your own weird conclusions =.=

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