Sunday, February 17, 2013

I had a bad day

Today has been so annoying. Let me just tell you how it was.
First, my cousin was leaving to Melbourne to stay for a year or two and me and my sisters wanted to send her to the airport. To get to the airport I needed to catch a train from Kogarah to Rockdale at 9:34, and then catch a bus in Rockdale @9:44. We left late as we had to clean up the house a bit because our rental manager was supposed to come this morning for annual inspection. We ran all the way to the station and still missed the train. Luckily when we arrived in Rockdale, we can still catch that same bus.
Anyway, long story short, we got the flight schedule wrong. She should be flying at 1 PM, but I thought she would be flying at 12 PM! Therefore we got to the airport around 10 AM. My cousin herself was still at home when we arrived at the airport -_-" And Domestic Terminals SUCKS, they only have 1 cafe in the whole terminal, and the price is exxy! -_-" That's one.
Second, at 10:30 I saw a missed call, which out of ordinary, I called back. Turned out it was my agent and she was quite upset that nobody was home and she could not get into the unit. She said I should have called her to arrange for another time if I wasn't at home so she wouldn't have to waste a trip! I was like, wasn't it written in the letter that I CAN be NOT at home and she can still get into the unit using management key and will leave me her business card. Plus, I was damn sure it was also written to fill in the form and leave it on kitchen bench for her to collect. Anyway she said it was completely the other way around -_- "" What could I say apart from sorry? But I was 90% I was right. Anyway she'll contact me again on Monday. My agent is always clumsy. This is not the first time things like this happened. I actually said to my sister this morning, I think our agent will stuff up today's inspection, something must happen, i.e. she brought wrong keys, or did not bring 1 of the keys, etc etc. Maybe later I can make a full post of this.
Third, we got this Picadilly stockland giftcards during Xmas promotion, and one of those cards expired today. So we went to city after the airport to use it. I was thinking to use it for Yum Cha, but then they said they didn't take it. Fine. I then thought I can use it at newsagent for scratchies or magazines or anything really, they also did not accept it. And finally before giving up since the other stores were hopeless, they are all expensive stores i.e. jewellery store, maternity wear shop, suits shop, etc.. we tried asking a cafe at the ground floor, FINALLY, they said they took them! hip hip hoorayyyyy so our lunch were cut down to 23 bucks yayyy... but well you got the idea how troublesome it was. So next time you get a Stockland giftcard, and the closest you can go to in Piccadilly, don't be to happy. But George's cafe does take those cards. And their food was quite good actually, the salmon I had was good and not overcooked :)
Fourth, this was the MOST annoying thing I had today. I went to Harvey Norman Martin Place to claim 100 free photos allowance that I get from buying extended warranty for my laptop a year ago. Parts of that extended warranty are:
1. 1 Laptop health check up once a year for 3 years.
2. 100 free 6x4 photos each year for 3 years.

So I went there to claim my first year photo allowance. However, when I asked the manager how do I do that, he said that it's only for camera extended warranty, not laptop. You get only checkups for laptops. I was furious. He was the one selling that laptop to me last year PLUS the extended warranty and I recall him telling me I get 100 free prints each year!!!!!!!!!!!! And now he's saying that it's not for laptop?????? I was so so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOO pissed off!! and then when he attended another customer, I took out the booklet and checked it again, I was 99% sure I WAS RIGHT and HE WAS WRONG. And yes I was right, this is what it says on the booklet:

See Photo Processing allowances has small 1,2,3 and Annual Hardware Checkups has 1 next to it? 1 is Laptop, and if annual checkups has 1, and means laptop, why Photo Processing doesn't?? I said that to the manager and he read through it, and then I said, if you don't give it to me, then that's fine, I will just contact Harvey Norman Centre and complain or can you check somehow? I really wasn't bluffing. If you think I like to complain then true I do, if it's my right, then I have to get that right. But I really was not in the mood to argue, so if he didn't let me then that's what I'd do. The manager then said "OK I can give it to you". I replied, you can give me the free photo or you can check? He said "I can give the free photos to you". That's it. NO sorry. NO bullshit of "Oh I didn't realize" or whatever. JUST those. If he didn't think I deserved his apology, at least acknowledge that he didn't know or forgot!!!! HOW RUDE!
1. Last year he did say I could get photo allowances and my sister did hear that. If now he's saying I can't, wasn't he LYING to me last year???? and trying to trick me to get the extended warranty??
2. If the extended warranty has now been changed and laptops don't get photo allowances, well, that's not my problem, I signed last year agreement, and no change of agreement has been given to me, so for me, it still is the same.

So, a bit of warning guys, if you want to get extended warranty from Harvey Norman especially Martin Place with the manager, who I think was called Roy (that's what he wrote on my extended warranty later on. If it wasn't his name then I wouldn't now either), please make sure you remember anything he said and match it to the boolet. AND MAKE SURE to keep and bring the booklet when claiming. Last year he told me I would only need to bring my receipt. Lucky I brought the booklet too. I'm so gonna report this to Harvey Norman -_-""
Fifth, we went to DSE at George St. I saw a digital photo frame at DSE North Sydney sold for $30 down from $60. Apart from photo files, that can also play movies and mp3s, so I thought I might get it. However, at George St it was sold for $60, and was said that it's already on special. I came up to the counter and asked about it, and they said maybe North Sydney one was a display model, which I replied no, they have same number of stocks as you. Anyway the staff basically just said no. I don't know how they all trade, I mean some other stores would match the other branch's prices and sometimes even other store's prices. But again, I don't know. The guy wasn't really helpful, and I was already in a bad mood due to all that have been happening all day.
After that we went to Myer to go to toilet since that's the cleanest around Town Hall :P and then since we've been walking from morning, we ended up going to have a foot massage at Town Hall station ehhehehhee... and I did have mandarin practice conversation with the lady who gave me massage hehehe.... and she understood!!! yayyyyy so happy :)) That massage was expensive, but I think it was worth it :P

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