Saturday, April 16, 2016

Interview Stress and Office Drama is Not Good For My Health

I went to an interview yesterday. My first interview in over 8 years. And you know what? If I had more interviews aligned, by the end of it I would be as skinny as my sister.

Since it was arranged last Friday I lost my appetite to eat. Completely lost it. That day I only had half sausage roll for lunch, small piece of meat with salad for dinner. Sat lunch half eaten rad naa, dinner very little of my mum's cooking. Sunday lunch cereals. Not even a full bowl. Dinner rice with bakut teh, mostly just the broth. Monday lunch 2 small fruit buns. Dinner little rice with omelette and veggie. Tue lunch tea and 1 biscuit -_- I really need to weigh myself. I can feel my pants loose around the waist. I'm actually hungry, but just no appetite.

I haven't even told you about my sleep. I wake up as early as 5:30 since Saturday! Even when I slept at 12:30-1AM. Once I open my eyes, I start worrying again. It's really not a good thing for my health.

About the interview, I pray pray and pray that they don't call me back for second round. I don't think I did well anyway. Plus it's really opposite of what I want. It is not bad, but just not what I wished it would be. And I'm worried I would take it just to escape my current company and regret it afterwards.

Another thing that I worry about is the contract. Last Friday DaShaBi signed it, Monday brush head signed it. Yesterday, Lao-Er asked red head and little missy to sign it. They both managed to delay it, but they don't know how they can get away. I don't know either. We really need help from fairwork. If only someone can tip them off :(

Ah and finally Robin Hood talked to superexcited yesterday. Telling him about how prick has been treating and micromanaging her all these time. About time, I said. As the result, she's moving desk further from him today and would be off that big annoying project by the end of next month. Prick was called into meeting to explain why that big annoying project is 5 times over the budget. His excuse is the cost was done before the requirements document was made. Water Tap and I were like, well... You should have worked around the budget. It's like you pay $1000 for a party, but don't know how many are coming. When you finally know how many are coming, then you decide on appropriate food. If 50 people come, then they get $20 of food each. But if 100 come, well tough luck, you get cheaper one. Isn't it?

The problem with prick is, he over over OVERcomplicates things. The brief could be just a page with list of things to do. He will turn it into an online checklist where you can check off when you finish it. It's a great idea ofcourse, but not when the client doesn't pay for it???

Later that day, Prick went to Robin Hood and apologize. She said she almost felt sorry for him as he was teary eyed. That's the good thing about Prick. He can easily apologize to people. But yeah about changing? Don't wish so much. This is at least the third time someone who works with him has requested to be moved away from him.

Anyway wish me a good and peaceful day please. I really really need it. And please please please don't ask me about that interview, at least for the next 6 months, since it's giving me headache -_-

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