Monday, April 25, 2016

Not my fault, but why do I feel bad??

Sometimes I wished I don't get to feel bad easily. People who are ignorant are really blessed.

I've booked our tickets for our next holiday. But after I booked it, I remember that my friend did say to let her know if we're going, so I told her. Once I told her, she said she wants to go, but apparently she might not be able to take leave on the dates we've already decided. Now, I feel bad because I can't change the dates.

Last week was the same too. Water tap booked his holiday without checking if someone else already booked annual leave, and it clashes with me! He asked if I could change the date, which I can't, as my sisters can only go on those days. He said no worries, he should have checked anyway, but I still felt really bad.

Back to the friend who wants to join us for holiday. She can join the Hong Kong part, which is 5 days in total flying in and out. Only around 3.5 days full time free though. I also feel sorry coz I feel it's not enough time for her for holiday. I've suggested that she stays longer or come ahead of us so she has more time to enjoy, but she doesn't want to be alone :l

This all reminds me of what I said to Robin Hood last week. She felt bad that her desk was moved, her manager apologized to her (Mr Prick had treated her like slave for the whole project and thought that she's his. He complained she's slow while giving her all the work with no clear briefing whatsoever. He doesn't want her to do any other work except his work, eventhough he knows she has other work to do. Such a dickhead) and huge meeting was held after she complained about 1 of our projects that's super overbudget. She said, she felt sorry coz they did all those for her. To which I replied, why do you feel sorry that he had treated you so badly??? It's clearly not her fault that he was being super bossy and all, but she felt bad when he apologized.

And now I'm kinda the same. How can I be more ignorant? :/

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