Monday, April 25, 2016

How 2016 is So Unpredictable, So Far.

What 2016 has so far taught me is how quick things could happen. 1 minute everything is fine, next minute my colleague has just resigned. 1 minute life is good, the next minute that damn email telling us to sign that contract arrives in our mailbox and causing headaches to all of us. One night I didn't have job application sent, the next day I've got an interview scheduled. You really never know what could happen.

The other day I booked my tickets for the next holiday. The dates overlap with tap water's holiday, but I have lodged this holiday from long ago so I shouldn't be the one to freak out. But I did. I was so worried of what ifs and I thought I would just push the dates a week earlier just to save me headache and nervous breakdowns.

He was surprised. He said I didn't have to, but it would be great if I could. So he doesn't have to leave his job. Remember this point. So he doesn't have to leave his job to have holiday. I have paid, but the tickets haven't been issued, so I told the agent to hold the booking, called everyone who's going and asked if the could change and then contacted the travel agent. Took me 2 hours at work to sort all this out. And you know what, even my mobile phone credit ran out in the middle of a phone call dammittt! I had to call up again and repeat everything again. Finally it's sorted out.

But then after that, little missy said to me, "Ni wan dan le!". Turned out that he and his wife wanted to go to Europe in that month too! By me changing my dates, the dates became overlap with his dates! Oh God, so much drama. His wife insisted on going on the planned dates because she wanted to have her birthday overseas! Little missy was so pissed off and went on seek looking for jobs -_- I did tell you before, our IT dept has become so small that it is impossible for 2 people to take leave at the same time.

I tried to fix an issue and it caused even worse problem. That day I thought little missy was mad at me, but luckily it turned out that he was mad at his wife for being stubborn.

The next day he came happily again. They moved the dates a week early too. However he said to me, if he can't take 3 weeks off, he will find another job. He also asked me if I was thinking to find new job? He said he wants to try. I'm not sure if that's only if he can't take holiday or not.

But now, can you see the pattern? Honestly I thought the same thing too when my leave overlapped with water tap. I thought if I couldn't take it, I'd just leave my job. Water tap did too. And now little missy too. I didn't tell him about my plan at all, but he has same idea as me and water tap. Nobody is attached to this company and doesn't mind if he/she has to quit. It's so fragile, don't you think?

Anyway that night I fell asleep by 10:30. Too much stress on that day, my energy was completely drained -_- wasn't a good sleep though, waking up during the night and woke up at 5:30 in the morning.

But at least, little missy won't leave the company because of me. So hard pleasing everyone eh? Tried to make things better for me and water tap, but ended up making it hard for little missy -.- but yeah little missy hasn't even lodged the annual leave yet, how would I know??!! Water tap told me not to feel bad as it wasn't my fault, but I still felt bad. If there is medicine I can take to make me a little bit more ignorant, please let me know. I need plenty of that!

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