Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tired tired tired...

Did I tell you I've been feeling so tired these days? By the time I walk out of the office, my brain feels like it's been fried crispy. Or like it's been squeezed dry. My work has always been very busy. Since my very first day, it was busy. That's why I've been wondering why the last few weeks have left me feeling so drained. I should be used to it right?

But I should have known anyway. Our IT department is the smallest that's ever be since I joined. 5 full time developers that include the manager, and 1 contractor that works once a week less than 8 hours. To make it worse, we have a lot of developments going on, bugs to fix, and the manager is on holiday. Leaving only 4 full time developers and 1 contractor (7 hours only per week).

I said to little missy yesterday, I feel very tired everyday, my brain is very tired. He replied, "everytime I go home, I only want to sleep". That's the same with me. I still hold the urge to sleep, but by Friday night, I can fall asleep as early as 9:30. Not because I want to, but because I can't stay awake. I asked him, "are we very busy? Why am I so tired??". To tell you the truth, busy is normal for our company. You can notice when it's not busy, but busy is our office nature. You can feel guilty when you have nothing to do for half hour. He then said, "of course we are busy, so many projects and we are 4 people doing 5 people work". I think he actually meant 6 people work. Because even when that manager is here, we're still very busy.

True that. I just never thought about it. It doesn't make it easier too that the other department is full of newbies that can't make our work lighter. Incomplete or incorrect information being supplied, errors that are not really errors... Those cause us to waste so much time coding and investigating just for nothing. Plus I have personal stuffs to think about too.

Everyday after work I furiously play piano tiles 2 on my mobile on the train just to untangle and relax my brain. Weird you might think, but it does relax my strained brain. Criminal minds relaxes my brain quicker though. Unfortunately it's only on once a week :( but yesterday, I really didn't want to concentrate and think to relax, so I went to a book store, went to children section and just read Noddy and His Car.

Damn... Why retirement is still 30++ years away???

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