Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Candy Candy's Resignation - Who Misses Superexcited??

To those of you who missed superexcited, I've got a new story for you.

Yesterday, my colleague, Candy Candy, told me that he had resigned. I noticed he hasn't been happy at work, and his creativity has been restricted a lot by superexcited who again and again changes his designs. Well, the end result is not THAT bad, but I can see traces of superexcited in there. The worst would be our Christmas party invitation last year. It was so bad that I was speechless when Candy Candy showed me the invitation. I could only say "Oh!" And then didn't know what to say. Then I asked, "Did superexcited tell you to put those opera house and fireworks?". He said, "He changed everything! My original design wasn't anything like this". I said to him, "Sorry, Candy Candy, but I can make this myself. Just cut opera house and fireworks and dump them there." He said, "Yeah, I know! I showed this to my girlfriend, and she said, you didn't design this, did you??".

He's a very nice guy and I don't know why, he sometimes calls me over and asks my opinion of his designs (FYI, I'm not a designer at all. I think I mentioned it before, but my old boss once told me I have no eyes for colors and should get someone else to choose colors for me). I do give honest opinion and have developed a reputation of being a blunt and hard critic in the office. Part of this is really because I don't care anymore if I get sacked. So I just say whatever I want. But really, I don't say bad things anyway, just honest.

Anyway back to him, I remember seeing his design etc and said it was good or gave suggestions, but when I saw the end result, it was different. When I asked him, he said superexcited changed it -_- last week was one of them. He created a card for water tap anniversary on a white background. The card ended up on a dark background. Water tap's skin is dark, so dark background makes him invisible *slapping my forehead and shaking my head* Obviously someone else has worse eyes for colors than me. Plus the original background shows a coding screen, while the end result eventhough still showing coding screen, on dark background it looks more like stockbroker screen -_-

Candy Candy said he gave his resignation last week and it was rejected by superexcited (as always). They had 1 hour discussion in superexcited's room where he said that Candy Candy was being disrespectful and unprofessional for resigning after working for only less than a year AND for not telling them first before finding a new job. He said during his interview, he already said that he expects people to work at least 3 years. Now he has to train new person etc. The thing with superexcited, he has that skill to manipulate you and to make you doubt yourself. Girls cried during these kind of meetings and he doesn't shut up even when they cry. Candy Candy said he broke down yesterday too (outside, not in front of superexcited thank god) because it was too much stress! So yeah imagine that.

Then this Friday is our company get together event, Candy Candy doesn't know if he should come. He feels that superexcited wouldn't want him to be there. Honestly I think he's right. It would be awkward. So he asked Lao Er if he should come. Lao Er said he'll check with superexcited. Lao Er is also a director, but see his reply? He doesn't have power at all! As much as I love Lao Er, I wished he can stand up more for himself :( honestly, if superexcited says he's not allowed to come, we can really report him to fairwork Australia for discrimination and bullying. If he allows Candy Candy to come, there are 2 options: either superexcited is going to completely ignore him or he's going to give him dead stare etc. Actually, I was surprised Candy Candy wasn't ushered out of the building straight away after he resigned :l

I don't know what is going to happen when it's my turn *sigh...

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