Saturday, March 26, 2016

I Didn't Win Those!! XD

Happy Easter guys!! We in Australia are enjoying out 4 days long weekend. I need that! Work has been busy with our developer team smaller than ever during my whole employment there and the complexity of work and difficulty level is higher than when we had the lowest number of employees before. However, in terms of amount of work, I'm not really complaining. It makes work goes quickly, and luckily, either I'm becoming more used to deal with dealing with the not so smart or asshole consultants, or they just have been avoiding me. From all my posts all this time, I guess you might already know my character, so you shouldn't be surprised lol. If I have to sum up my characteristic, I'd say when I love/like someone, I love him/her to the bone, if I hate someone, I also would hate him/her to the bone. I'm pretty fair on this matter :P

Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I sometimes win competitions. People might say I very often win something. Let me say it this way. The other day, one of my friends commented on my instagram post, "How lucky you are! How can you win this??". The truth is, that post was to enter the comp. Not announcing that I won something. Later on that week, I received a bunch of stuffs that I ordered online, so I posted it up. My bestie straight away liked it. I messaged her saying, "I bought those stuffs btw. Just incase you thought I won them!". She replied, "Lol! I did!". She also said that her sister said to her the other day, "Purple lady won a bunch of stickers! How could she win all the time?". My bestie said, "Purple Lady won movie tickets too the other day". Her sister then said, "See?? Just making people soooo jealous!! It's not about the prize, but how can she win all the time??" And just reminding, I didn't win those stickers!!

Okay let me clarify this here. I don't win all the time. I entered more competitions than winning them. Just like gamblers, you'd say they win all the time, but you don't really know how much they have lost right? Plus, I have to admit, I have entered more competitions than anyone else I know. You can say I'm more diligent in the matter. Let me tell you an example, when I enter a comp, I sometimes send the link to my relatives so they can enter too. But very very rarely they actually entered. Got the idea? I do have the luck, but I do put in more effort :) though I only have won very few 25 words or less type of competition :l I'm still grateful though :)

I've reached my station. Talk to you later and enjoy your weekend! :D

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