Friday, July 8, 2016


I was cleaning my room and I came across an overheard clip I got from mX. Oh how I missed mX overheard.... so here we go..

Guy: "Girls always think it's hot when you put 'ladies' at the end of a sentence. Like, I'm going to the bathroom - ladies."

Girl: "What's in my food, man?"
Friend: "MSG"
Girl: "Is that like, OMG?"

Guy 1: "That thing on the wall looks like it's reflecting."
Guy 2: "That's coz it's a mirror."

Girl to friend: "She's litery the dumbest girl I know... wait, is that right? Litery?"
Friend: "I think you just took the crown."

Girl to friend: "My Biggest Loser diet was going great 'til I got real baked and ate, like three bag of chips."

Man: "We must be walking slowly because that pregnant woman just passed us."
Friend: "Yeah? Well she has an extra set of legs."

Taken from mX - 12 May 2010.

But I bet even if mX still exists nowadays, people won't be able to send many of these as we're always on our earphones :/

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