Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I Was Sick Last Week

Enak ya bobo 8 jam on weekdays XD this is one of my rambling post by the way. I don't know if there would be any point in this one lol

I was sick last week. To be exact it was more than a week. It started on Fri the week before, I woke up with really really dry throat. I thought, it's definitely going to be a cough for sure. And yep, I started coughing and had sore throat too because of it. It wasn't that bad that day, I even joked to Crown Prince when he asked me if I was getting sick. I said dunno, but I hope it comes on Monday, not on my weekend! And don't tell Superexcited! He was like yeah yeah sure, that's human nature, I understand ;)

That night was Turkieto's last night in Sydney, so we went to have dinner together. The plan was hotpot since it was freaking cold! But since the restaurant we went in only had hotpot buffet, and it was $40 a head!!! What the heck??? Hot pot $40 a head is really a rip of!! So we changed the plan and had the spicy stir fry wok. That is still spicy. We also ordered some spicy beef and tribes slices cold dish and some grilled lamb skewers. That night I was ok.

Saturday and Sunday the cough got worse. I mostly stayed home, keep warm, and watched what I ate. But on Sunday night it really was bad. My mum nagged me not to go to work on Monday.

I was sick, yes. But the problem is, I don't get sick often. I also didn't have a fever. So apart from coughing my throat out, I actually felt fine. But yeah with that kind of cough, people on the train surely will give me death stare :l what I mean is, kl itu hari2 biasa, kayanya sih aku bakalan masuk senennya. Tp secara pas itu Jumat aku lg super bete sm kantorrrrr (refer ke post sebelonnya), so alhasil aku keukeuh mau di rumah aja hari senen *peace sign* mamaku jg, dia ngotot gitu suru aku gak masuk, pdhl biasanya sih terserah2 aja. Yah, dia jg bete abis kuceritain soalnya hahahahhaa.... Now u know where I got my character right? :P

I went to GP on Monday. I woke up like 5 times last night coz of the cough. Damn oz doctor, soooooooooo not wanting to give patients medicine unless it's really really bad! He said I've got cold and there's nothing he could prescribe me with. He said it was viral and antibiotics won't work. Just have some lozenges and sip lemon water every 10 minutes. I think my jaw must have dropped, coz he looked at me and said "I'm so sorry..." And he only gave me 1 day medical certificate -_-

At the end of the day the cough was the same and I got runny/blocked nose. My mum nagged me again to not come in the next day. I said to her, "Bukannya mama biasanya bilang, kalo dulu sih pas mama buka toko, paling sebel kalo pegawai bolos berhari2??" :P Dia nyengir and bilang, "Ya... Abis mama jg kesel" hauahahhahahah XD

The next day I called in sick and I went to different doctor this time. It starts to bugging me now coz last night I woke up every freaking hour!! (I checked my mobile every time I woke up). Luckily this time the doctor gave me antibiotics. He said I've got infection. Yeah of course, after coughing for whole day yesterday, surely it would have hurt something! And cough syrup. And this doctor told me to rest 2 more days yay! ^^

So I didn't go to work for 2 days, then I came in on Thu. I thought I felt alright, but as the day goes, I cough even more. Fri I came to work, but I coughed even worse and by 12, Water tap couldn't take it anymore.

Water tap: "You shouldn't have come today."
Me: "I was alright in the morning"
Water tap: "Oh.. yeah, must be the aircon. Just go home. Go to Lao-er and say you don't feel well and go home."
Me: "Oh? No, it's ok, it's just a cough"
Water tap: "No, I'm serious! There's nothing urgent to be done here anyway. Just go to him and ask."

I saw he was serious, so I told Creamer which he approved right away. I haven't even told him why and he ok it. I guess it's obvious then?

So yep, only came to work 1.5 days last week. On Thursday, they were talking about meeting on Friday. And I was like, "Oh? Already Fri? So fast!!" XD and everyone was like, "Of course it's fast! You didn't even come for the whole week! You only came today!".


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