Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Star Wars, The Revenant and Joy - Review

This week we made a record of watching 3 movies in the cinema within 5 days. Don't say I'm wasting money etc etc, I didn't give the cinema more money than I think they deserve to get for each ticket. And luckily, I have the skill for it ;)

We watched Star Wars last Friday, The Revenant on Sunday and Joy last night. Star Wars was really not my kind of movie. First, they made the movie looking 'old', just like the other Star Wars movies. I've never watched the others, but I know the colors of those movies and they are the same. I'm not fan of 'old movies' colors, so that's the first thing I noticed that I didn't like. Second, I'm really not into Star Wars. The reason I went to see it is because my friend didn't have anyone else to go with. I've experienced the time when I wanted to go see a movie in the cinema and nobody else could come with me, either they have watched it or they haven't seen the previous series. So, remembering it, I agreed to go. However, from the first half hour, I kept checking on my watch! I'm sorry to everyone who made it, it was really not my cup of tea. It was made well, but yeah I kept checking on my watch and even tried to fall asleep, failed attempt though.

The Revenant, I could tell straight away why Leonardo DiCaprio won the Golden Globes Awards. His acting was brilliant and there was so much effort and energy put into it. He has to crawl through almost half of the movie, he doesnt have much dialogue for probably half of the movie either, so he had to act just using his eyes. Great acting. Unfortunately the story itself was a bit boring at times and I fell asleep for the first half hour. The cinematography was great and scenery was pretty. But as the story was about the survival in the middle of snowy mountain, that's all you see, snowy mountain and snowy forest. That film reminded me of Grey, a movie of Liam Neelson where he was in a snowy mountain/forest infested with wolves. Everything was just like the title, grey. And *spoiler alert* even worse, everyone died in the end -_-

Joy was the best movie out of the 3 I watched. Jennifer Lawrence very much deserves her second Golden Globes trophy. Her acting was spot on and very smooth. It was very easy to watch and you can't keep your eyes off her. She displayed all the emotions perfectly and just right. No overacting at all. Though I always think she has mature look, originally I thought that role would make her look old, but she looked like a young mum. Perfect for the role. All the other casts were great too. They show you exactly how annoying family can be, intentionally and unintentionally, consciously and unconsciously, and whether they mean well or not. After all, family consists of humans who happen to be born within your family tree.They are still human. The only difference is they are stuck with you forever whether you like it or not. The role that stuck out for me was her ex-husband. Usually ex-husbands in the movies are bitter, but not this one. He still cares and looks out for her. He was the only one who stayed on her side throughout the whole thing. I haven't read the real story though, so I don't know if that's just dramatized.

Believe me, I wasn't planning on writing movies review, but it turned out this way lol. Still good I think?

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