Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Good Thing Out Of Bad Things

My friend asked me what's the story about being annoyed by someone that led up to me winning a draw. So, let me explain it here :)

2 months ago, one of my colleagues moved house and he was selling off his old furniture and stuffs. He was putting them up on Gumtree and he showed me one of them to ask if the price is alright and jokingly asked if I wanted to buy. It was a TV.

I didn't really need an additional TV, and I don't know much about current prices. So I did a little bit of research. Turned out the price was ok. I thought hmm... I can replace the bulky old TV that doesn't work anymore without topbox in my dining room. We haven't managed to successfully turned it on again after the move. But it was more like a temptation rather than a need, so I said give me few hours and I'll think about it. He said ok. He said he'd sell me the TV with the 3D glasses, and he'll chuck in the table and also the TV brackets too. I then asked, would you deliver?? He said "Yeah yeah, I can deliver, no problem."

So I thought and thought. By 6, he asked me again, coz he's got someone who's interested in it. I said give me half hour, my sis is going to finish work at 6 so I will discuss.

Around 7, I texted him and said I would buy. He called me not long after, "Are you sure? I don't want you to just get excited and buy it and regret it later".

I said to him, "I want it! And you make it sound like the TV doesn't work! Does it work??".

He said, "It works, it works. Well I never really used the 3D, but last time we did, it worked. Are you home? I can deliver it tonight."

Me: "No, I'm outside having dinner. But there's someone at home."

Him: "Oh okay, I will let you know later then. Do you need the table too? I can bring them all together."

Me: "yeah, ok. If it fits in the car."

Him: "Yeah it fits. How much are you going to give me for it?"

Me: (thinking) huh? I thought he said he could chuck them in for free? But I don't really need it anyway, so I let go and asked "I don't know. How much do you want?"

Him: "I put it on gumtree for $80. I can sell it to you for $50"

Me: "I will let you know".

Then we hang up. Later on I said I wasn't taking the table. Honestly I thought it's included so yeah, but if not then I don't really need one.

10 minutes after, he sent me a text message, " Purple Lady, sorry do u have anyone who can pickup?" Wangbadan...

He said, "Ok. I can't deliver it today. It's getting late. Will see for tom. Just checking if you have anyone."

So long story short, I had to ask my friends if any of them could help with this. This is where I realised who are purely your friends and willing to help you and who are just friends for when they feel like it. And for this, I trully was grateful.

So I ended up had to go pick it up with my friends. However, there was baby expo that weekend. Therefore, we went to baby expo first with them. During the expo, almost every single stall had draw where you can scan your ticket to be in it to win whatever prize they are having. Since I wasn't having a baby, that was quite the entertainment for me lol well plus the other non baby related stuffs they sold.

Even that day, that particular colleague was being difficult. Originally he said I could come anytime. Just give him a call half an hour before and he'd come. Then he said he had a party so he wanted me to come before 6. It was still okay, but later on when I reminded him about the 3D glasses and TV brackets, he said, "I will find the 3D glasses. But TV brackets I've already have someone who wants to buy them. I thought you said you didn't need them".

I exploded. My sister too. I did say I didn't really need them. But I didn't say I didn't want them! He said he would chuck in the table, 3D glasses and TV brackets and would deliver. However he asked me to find someone who can pick up. Then he asked me to pay for the TV table, suddenly said he had a party, and then this?? If I didn't remember I would see him again Monday at work,  I would have given him a lecture. My sister grabbed my mobile and typed in a long message of complaint (which I edited a lot due to the reason mentioned before. Plus I consulted with my friend who had clearer head than ours).

At the end, I sent him this, " We need those both. I will get my dad to mount it. If it doesn't come with the brackets and 3D glasses, we'll cancel the tv.  Let me know so me and my friends don't need to waste time going there."

He got the message, " Ohh wow. Getting angry Purple Lady....

3D glasses are coming with it don't worry. My wife packed them up. I will def get it. It's just too many boxes to look them up for today.

I will also get the brackets. Don't worry. I will let the buyer know that it's sold out. I didn't think you wanted it."

So yep we picked up the TV, 3D glasses and half of the TV brackets that day. He couldn't find the rest of them so he would give them the following week. But it turned out that he lost the half of them, probably the builders threw them out and bought me a new set instead. I guess he felt bad to tell me that considering all those drama earlier and just went on to buy them. It kinda put a strain to our relationship at work, I still work well with him, but I didn't offer him tea anymore.

And you know what, I do have a bad temper. One day, I lost a small tub of yogurt at work. I had it for a while and still didn't eat it. Then one day when I wanted to have it, it wasn't in the fridge. I thought, ok, maybe I HAVE eaten it and forgot. Though I highly doubt it considering it was a weird flavour combination and I can't recall the taste. Then, I bought 6 tubs and put them in the fridge. Next day, 1 gone. I was furious and went around the office asking people. Turned out this colleague ate it thinking it was from our morning breakfast. It's true he wasn't here on the day we had breakfast, so he didn't know what they were. I exploded and just walked off. I was so angry because he only laughed when he found out about it and didn't even say sorry.

It was silly really. If I think about it again, it is silly. But adding up to the TV experience, it's just like adding oil into a flame. I was really furious seeing him laughing out loud. I emailed him later on asking if he ate the earlier one I lost lol. He said no. We talked about it. He explained how he didn't know what to do as I just stormed off looking pissed off. Which I replied he could apologize after I came back from the kitchen. He apologized and all sorted out.

The week before Christmas, I received a missed call from an unknown number during my lunch time. Lately I've been receiving phone calls from some spamming promotion so I usually ignored unknown and private numbers. Same thing with this number, I saw the missed call and didn't think about it. Then, it called again some time after. I thought well, just pick it up then. That call was from Sydney Medical Services On Call 24 hours telling me I won $200 Toys R Us voucher from the draw I entered in that BABY EXPO!!! If my colleague didn't back out from delivering, we wouldn't have gone to that baby expo in the first place and entered the draw!! ^^

Straight after I'm back at work, I told water tap about it MUAHAHAHAHAHA XD

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