Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last Day of 2015

I thought I better type the last blabbering of 2015 before the clock strikes midnight. So here I am on the train to my cousins' place for dinner after a whole day of shopping in Liverpool Westfield. My first time in there btw :P

2015 has been a tiring year. Buying our first home, dealing with unreliable solicitors and too relaxed broker, had to hear how my crazy neighbors still trying to make troubles on our last day there, being left behind by more of my closest friends, lost trust in one of my closest colleague, fed up with work, had my temper exploded so many times, one of my closest friends turning into such judgemental and annoying person, etc etc... Even my dentist said to me, "We might have to look at the spleen in the new year, coz it seems to me that you've been under stress. You've mentioned about clenching your jaw on last visit too..." Yeah, I did tell him that I wake up with tight jaws on both my visits this year. Per his suggestion, I started taking calcium and magnesium this year. Btw, they do give you good sleep! I don't have trouble sleeping, but I noticed that when I take those vitamins, I have deeper sleep :)

Apart from the bad ones, of course I had good moments in 2015. Let me try recalling them: moving into our new house, realising that I still have friends who're willing to help with the moving even the ones I thought were not that close, living in between 2 very good, friendly and helpful neighbours, getting even closer with my other bunch of friends and realising how good and helpful they are, winning competition as the results of someone pissing me off, seeing how my dad is not depressed anymore, trip to indo and meeting my bestfriends again and still closer than before. Plus, I started going to gym and tried out the classes :) I got closer to my colleagues too!

I can't remember what my 2015 prediction was, but if it says friendships, then it's true. This year I've been asking so much favour from my friends, to the point that sometimes I'm ashamed to actually ask. But the people who actually helped me, they genuinely wanted to help and werent feeling troubled at all! And we got closer to the ones we weren't that close before too.

I didn't have much time to do crafts this year, but I will try to do more next year. I'm more into planners now. One reason is because I get forgetful, I have to write it down to remember. I don't like using the mobile phone as I realise using reminders make me forget even more. Having it written down in a planner let me review the plans for week ahead, and that way my brain gets reminded. I also write down things I have been meaning to do and start ticking them off the list.

I lost trust in some people and also got put off by some people. Well at least I learned not to give 100% trust in people. Regardless how well you know the person, you won't know exactly what they are thinking.

I will enjoy my last moments in 2015, and I hope 2016 bring me more exciting things and happiness in the way I could never have imagined it would be :)

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