Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Who Would Have Thought?

What happens to people's life is really unpredictable. I bet my rich cousin wouldn't have thought that she would end up being a housewife who's very busy but happily stay home to take care of her kids and do perfect housechores (WITHOUT a maid!!). She didn't plan to live in Australia, she wanted to go back Indonesia, even after she got married. But here she is in Sydney.

Her sister on the other hand loved Sydney and wanted to stay here. But her boyfriend who ends up being her husband lives in Indonesia, so she had to go back.

And here I am waiting for my train at Central station. I never ever thought to study overseas when I grew up. My plan was simple. Finish high school, go to uni, get a job, get married and buy our new home. All in Indo of course. And what happened then? I came to Sydney before I even finished my high school, went straight to university. Started earning money while I was still in uni, graduated and got my first office job through a very unusual mean. Then bought a house before I got married. Wasn't really what I planned for, was it?

I wonder what will happen next.

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