Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Princess' First Day Out

The announcement said we're approaching Narwee and it reminded me of an incident I experienced few days ago. So, here we go.

My sister and I were on the train home few days ago. I admit I'm easily distracted by little annoying things, so this girl sitting on the far back of my seat well, quite made an impression. She was Chinese, speaking non stop on the train from Central to Narwee. She was loud, so I turned around to see who it was. She sat on the very last row of my carriage occupying 6 seaters by herself. She sat right in the middle, with her stuffs around her. In Indo phrase, "Kayak punya nenek moyang loe ajeeee" (translation: did you think the seats are your ancestors'???).

She talked, sighed, yawned, and I don't know what else ALL the way to Narwee. All of those done loudly too. She was young, probably 20-30s. I might sound biased, but I wouldn't be surprised if all these behaviors come from older people. As people grow older, behaviors can deteriorate. But this one came from a young pretty well dressed girl. So I was quite surprised. Anyway I ignored her.

However, once the train started to move leaving Narwee, I heard a shrieking whimper!!
*whimpering*  "Narwee Narweeeeee.... Whoaaaaaa Narweeeeee"
Me, my sis, and another passenger turned around. It was that girl!! (I remember her whimpering and stomping her feet just like a little kid, but I could be wrong as I tried my best not to make her notice me =P I was really not interested in trying to speak mandarin with her).

Then, this convo happened:
Her: *still whimpering* Narwee Narweeeeeee
Oz girl: "It's okay, you can get off at the next station and take a train back." (in English)
Her: "I can go back then?" (In Mandarin)
Oz girl: ????? I don't understand.

Below conversation was all done in Mandarin.
Her: *pointing to a Chinese looking guy sitting in front of the oz girl, playing his mobile phone clearly didn't care about her. (Good on you!!)* "Can you speak Mandarin? How can I go to Narwee?"
Chinese guy: "Yeah, just get off next stop and take a train back." (he obviously looked like he didn't want to deal with her)
Her: *whimpering* "But the door didn't open beforeeeeeeeee. This is my first time coming here."
Chinese guy: "Yeah just get off next station and take a train back."
The train was approaching the next station.
Chinese guy: *doing hand gesture to usher her go upstairs* "Just get off here and change train"
Her: *standing in front of the wrong door and whimpers again* "The door won't opennnnnnnnnnnn"
Chinese guy: "The train is still running, how can it open the door???" *clearly losing his patience*
Me: *laughing* XD Now I finally understand why SO many Chinese open planes' emergency doors, demand stupid things, etc etc. They do happen!

The train finally stopped.
Her: *whimpers again* (man, how old are you??) "The door is not openeddddddd"
Chinese guy: *pissed off* "Behind you." 
Her: *turned around and saw the doors behind her are opened* "Oh? Hehe I didn't see, in Narwee I also didn't see hehe.."
Me: Duh??

Then she left.

What the... What a princess -_- exactly like a princess who's never gone out of the castle. It was obvious she was busy talking on the phone when the train arrived in Narwee and didn't check the doors behind her. If she just used her brain a bit, she would see that outside the door she was standing was railway track! How could she get off there?? Silly silly! Plus, on your first time in other country, shouldn't you be more alert and check your surroundings??

Oh man I was speechless. And laughing at the same time too HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Sorry, but it served her right =P

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