Friday, May 1, 2015

Superexcited and Leave Emails

About few weeks ago, superexcited came back from his holiday. Boy, wasn't it SO peaceful when he's not around. When he came back on the first day and attended his first catch up meeting, he was furious. Apparently he "just" learned that Creamer is going to be on leave the whole following week. And after that, Water Tap will start his paternity leave. And as the result, we had to finish some projects a week early, yep, a week early, before Creamer goes on leave to prevent any issues.

He was angry at Lao Er because Lao Er didn't mention it to him. But you know what, when I clarified with Creamer (sometimes I think maybe I am nosy :l), Creamer said he told superexcited before he went on his holiday. But after he came back, he'd forgotten all about it!

And then, what's funny was, he asked Little Miss Nice to update our weekly leave email. Every Monday we receive an email listing all approved leaves for this week and the following week. Superexcited says it's because Lao Er didn't approve Creamer's leave yet, so it didn't appear in those emails hence Superexcited didn't know. Ok fine, we can include not approved leaves too. No big deal.

Then, he also asked Lil Miss Nice to include the leaves of the directors. He said to her that his leaves weren't in those emails. He wants them in those emails too! So Lil Miss Nice came to me requesting update. I don't do this work often, so I had to check the code. When I checked it, you know why his leaves weren't in there? It's not because directors' are excluded, but it's because he DIDN'T submitted his leave!! -___- how can his leaves be in those emails if he didn't enter them in?? The system is not that smart to know oh, you are going on leave, here I will put them in my list -_-

Little Miss Nice then said, she kinda recall Superexcited complaining about this same thing before, and that's also because he didn't enter his leaves in. But they didn't have that gut to say to him that you need to enter your leave. So what Ante Meridiem did that time was entering his leaves on behalf of him. -.-

I've read My Stupid Boss by @chaosatwork, but I didn't think that mine would behave like the boss in that book sometimes lol.

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