Monday, May 25, 2015

Gym and Exercise Adventure

Well, I joined the gym. Sometimes I don't know if I should be happy that I've got friends who know me pretty well, or whether I should feel -__- when I realise that fact.

This is the conversation we had when Bonnie and Jen heard that news:
Me: I joined the gym today.
Bonnie & Jen: Why?? What happened??
Me: Hey!! What's that supposed to mean??
Bonnie: No, it's just that you don't seem like the type to exercise and want to spend a lot of money.
Me: *speechless*

And this other one when I told my bestow about it:
Me: btw, have I told you I joined the gym?
Bestie: Ow???? Is it free?
Me: *bullseye* they had free registration fee offer... -_-
Bestie: I still know you well apparently :P

I don't know if I should be happy or not lol is it me too obvious or they really know me well?

Anyway, for the past 2 weeks I think I've used my membership well. The gym is Health Mates in Revesby. It's a local gym, so no other branches. So far so good, the staffs are friendly, and I like the classes I went to. I just wished they had more classes past 7 pm. It's a struggle enough to be there by 7.

I had my programs done, my body assessment, and btw, according to the assessment, I fall into the healthy weight range, NOT FAT. And I fall to the lower healthy range, not upper! Take that uncle!! Background info: one of my uncle said I was fat on my trip back to indo which I am still resentful until now -_-

I did 3 classes for the last 2 weeks and went to the gym twice to exercise. It's really good considering I HATE exercise. I so can't find what's fun in it. I also wanted to do yoga on Saturday morning, but ended up going hiking with Bonnie. I wanted to still go yoga after to stretch and relax, but my sis told me wrong bus schedule and therefore missed my bus and was too late to attend. Then, I wanted to do Pilates on Sunday morning, but had to go to Ikea with Jen. Then I thought I could do Zumba after Ikea (afterall Ikea was 10 am start, zumba was 4 pm start. Should be ok right?). Guess what, we finished paying at 4 lalala.... XD

See? I had the motivation but extrinsic factors keep popping up :P but if you think about it, instead of yoga I had 1.5 hours hiking and 1 hour bike training (my butt still hurt until now. I never knew bicycle is such a hard work). Then instead of Pilates or Zumba, I had 4-5 hours walk around IKEA. That's not bad! XD

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