Friday, May 29, 2015

Superexcited Missing in Action

Every Friday morning after the meeting, my most loyal reader always asks if there is any story. Unfortunately there's nothing interesting happening lately :( Superexcited hasn't been doing anything weird lately :l of course it's good for us, but I'm kinda bored -_- though sometimes I wonder if it's really him behaving nicely, or whether we are used to him already :l

Anyway there are some small things I haven't told you about.

Few months ago, we had new carpets for the office. The color is back to how it was years ago, mix of greys with white patches. You-know-who's favorite carpet XP IMO it looks like the carpet constantly needs vacuuming. In his opinion, it blends with dust, paper, etc so people can't see dirt. Oh plus, we had the whole office repainted. Well, I really didn't see the difference. I didn't smell the paint too, so when he told us about it, I was like huh? Where? When? @__@

Then on the first meeting after that, he declared no food and no drinks during the meeting except for water XD no tea or coffee! We have always kept food to minimum, but for drinks we never had restrictions of what to have during meeting. Some people had tea, some people had coffee, and some had coloured juice, it was all ok, no problem. And now, just water XD plus, we were asked to sit at least 1 meter away from the wall hahahahhaa XD oh man...

Another thing was about leave (again). He's really contradicting himself a lot of time. He keeps talking about work life balance rah rah rah... That people should take leave every once in a while to rejuvenate, see the world, or see family. But when we take it, if it's not to his convenience, he complains about how he keeps giving and giving but people don't care. Well hello? Apart from job, I don't think I received anything from him :l giving time out? Meh, when I moved house, I wanted to have a day off, but I couldn't, because I had to go Live.  I wanted to come late, not allowed, needed to go live in the morning. You can leave an hour early. But then when I was about to leave? Not allowed, there was an error. Great. What did u say you kept giving?

That day Superexcited was angry because he just realised that Little Missy was going on holiday for the following 2 weeks. Not only that, tap water was still on paternity leave too. Plus, James Bond would work from home the following 2 weeks as his wife wasn't fit yet to take care of their baby (his mother in law helped all this time, but she's going back that weekend). Let me remind you that all those leaves were already approved. Little Missy's was approved last year, water tap 3 months before, and James Bond's a week before.

Anyway so he was furious. He couldn't do anything about Little Missy and Tap Water, but then he told Lao Er to tell James Bond to find someone to take care of his baby for that week. He had to come in the following week! Of course all expenses paid by James Bond, company won't help anything, surprise surprise! :P

There's no way in Sydney you can find someone to care for a baby for a week with 3 days notice unless you have family. Childcare you say? The queue can be years long. Nanny? $25 an hour. 9 hours for 5 days totals to 45 hours. 45 hours x $25 = $1125. I better just use my annual leave -_- again, James Bond has to pay.

Lao Er told him about him, said try to find someone. But the following day he talked some sense into Superexcited then came to James Bond and said, don't worry about it, as long as you work from home and contactable, that's okay. You don't have to worry. At least he talked to Superexcited.

James Bond ended up extending his mother in law stay for an extra week, so he only needed to work 1 week from home the week after. That week Tap water would start to work, so we have enough people in the office. James Bond only needed to pay around $100 to extend the ticket, so not too bad. Problem solved. And I think after he did that 1 week from home, he's glad he extended his in law's ticket. He said it was HARDWORK working and taking care of his son at the same time! xD

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