Thursday, December 11, 2014

Vietnamese Food in North Sydney

All I could think about for these past 3 days was food and only food. Then yesterday when I was researching where I could have Pho for lunch, I realised there are 3 places at least in North Sydney. Then it suddenly clicked how lucky I have been to work in North Sydney! True, the price is more expensive than those in Hunter Connection. But I'm pretty sure I can find almost anything I want to eat in North Sydney. So starting from now on, I will try to write every lunch I have including the address, and other similar options :)

My lunch yesterday was Vietnamese Rare Beef Noodle Soup from Pho Express at North Point Food Court, Miller St, North Sydney. It costs $10.90 for rare beef noodle soup, and $10 for normal beef soup. They also have other Vietnamese dishes I.e. combination broken rice - which is ordered quite often but I haven't tried it myself, 3 choices dish (if I remember it correctly, it costs $7.9 for small size. I will try that too one day), and other kinds of Vietnamese vermicelli. Oh, also pork rolls and chicken rolls for around $6. That's a bit pricey for pork rolls, but still cheap lunch.

The noodles were alright. The soup is not as good as Pasteur in the city or the ones in Cabramatta, but if you crave for Vietnamese beef noodle soup, then this one is decent. The meat was a lot though. I kept stirring to make sure there's no meat left, and I kept finding some! So I was happy.

The other 2 places selling Vietnamese food are I Love Pho at top level of Berry Sq Food Court and Viet's Pho at Clock Tower Food Court on Miller St. I ordered spicy rice noodle soup from I Love Pho long time ago and it was ordinary. I haven't tried Viet's Pho noodles, but I love Viet's Pho's Lemon Grass Pork Roll. It's more tasty than your normal Pork Roll. My colleagues GI Jane and Miss Green loved it too. Now I miss them T__T Can't remember the price, but it was cheaper than Pho Express. Well, in general North Point is more exxy than Berry Sq and Clock Tower.

Now I wonder what I should have for lunch today :D and I'm supposed to lose weight -_-!

PS: if one day I say Yellow building, that refers to Clock Tower food court okay? The whole building is yellow, hence the nickname.

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