Saturday, December 13, 2014

I Love Pho's Pork Roll

I didn't plan to go to Berry Square today, I was actually wanted Subway for lunch. But Little Missy chose Berry Sq. So I thought I will try the pork roll.

Well... In conclusion, when you crave for pork roll in North Sydney, don't go for I Love Pho's pork roll. The bread was hard. Half way eating, my jaw was tired and started clicking -.- the bread outside was not crispy and the inside was hard. They only have 1 type of pork, rather than 3 as the other places have. And they aren't as generous with the salad as the other places. The salad looks sad too :( For people who can't stand chili but like a bit spiciness, get the chili. It wasn't spicy at all. The pate... I don't know, it tasted different. I like liver, so it was ok for me. But for people who doesn't like liver smell, their pate is quite strong smelling. It costs $5.5 for pork roll, $7 if you want soft drink too.

My suggestion is to go to Clock Tower food court if you want pork roll. Viet's Pho's pork roll is better and cheaper too from memory :)

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