Saturday, December 13, 2014

Greenwood Barbeque

Today I wanted to eat something warm, tasty and thick saucy kind of thing with rice. So I remembered of the tofu seafood from Chinese bbq restaurant next to Greenwood Yumcha at Greenwood Plaza.

They mainly sell bbq pork, roast pork, roast duck and soya chicken with rice or dry noodle. I've tried roast pork and roast duck with dry noodle, it was good! But my advice to you is to not get the roast duck. It was a little bit smelly. I think their roast pork and bbq pork taste better. The soup they give along with the dry noodle is good too. The price was between $9.90-$11.90 from memory. I think dry noodle with 2 choices of meat cost $11.90. Dry noodles cost 90cents more than rice too.

Apart from that, they also have 2 choices with rice or noodles. They have quite a few selections I.e. honey chicken, salt pepper pork, black pepper beef, hot chili chicken, tofu seafood, some curry, stir fried veggies, pork belly with preserved veggie etc. Last time I tried the tofu seafood and pork belly with preserved veggies. Both were very good. The only thing I didn't like was the pork belly has coriander in it. Not very strong, but enough for you to notice it.

Today I had tofu seafood and hot chili chicken with fried noodles. Told you I want something warm and thick consistency. Have a look at the picture. The tofu seafood is a bit hard to describe. However, the texture of it reminds me of steamed egg consistency. The chicken was alright. It had strong vinegar taste and had a lot of ginger. It wasn't spicy too for me. I might not order it again in the future. The fried noodles tasted pretty good, but had too much cabbage! I'm not really a veggie lover, so I spent some time taking the cabbage out lol. Next time I will stick to rice :P oh, total damage for 2 choices with rice is $9. Not too bad for Greenwood price.

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