Saturday, December 13, 2014

Being a girl is hard!

It is definitely hard being a girl. First, you definitely have an uncomfortable, messy and moody combined week every month. The constant worry to check the back of your dress, the bad stomach pain and back pain, dizziness, and some food you shouldn't have in order not to make it worse. But if you don't get it this month, you get worried if something is wrong. Hard eh? It's like you don't wanna see someone, but you wanna see him/her too!

Second, apart from that annoying week, there is a week 2 weeks before the annoying week where you can turn into a complete BITCH, and a pig. Literally a pig. When all you can think about is food. The constant craving to eat certain thing. And when you're full, your tongue still wants to taste another flavor and you can't not give in to that. For my case, this week is worse than the previous one. My emotions go through the roof and the volcano inside me explodes in 1 second with just the simplest comment or gesture -_- that, trust me my friend, is VERY energy consuming. So when you become the target of my volcano, remember that both of us are at least equally pissed. I still think I waste more energy than you though :P

Third one, after that 1 week of that eating, you are left with extra kilos that you desperately want to get rid of. It's not as easy as getting them on!!!! After that 1 week, usually I lose all appetite. My tummy grumbles loudly but my mouth doesn't have appetite to eat. Though it's annoying, I actually feel grateful for it. This is the right time to go on a diet yay!! But unfortunately it doesn't last that long. 3 days max and you're back on your usual appetite. Damn!! -__-

Fourth is the clothes. If you are a girl, have you ever open your wardrobe and looked up to bottom, left to right and complained, "I don't have clothes!". My sweet cousin once said, "Then what the hell are all those clothes hanging in front of your eyes???". Girls need clothes for so many occasions, and then the matching shoes, accessories and bags! Last week, my female colleagues were busy thinking what dress they should wear for our office Xmas party. Even going to the extent of buying new dress or accessories to go with it. I already had something in mind, I just needed to put it on to make sure it still fits (i did put on some kilos after my holiday T___T and no it hadn't disappear >>>__<<<). So I put it on, and showed it to my parents. My dad then said, "It is indeed hard being women. So many types of clothes for every single occasion. Guys only need shirts, pants, ties and suits. For ALL occasions." See? Even he agrees!

I haven't even talked about make up, gossips, and all the comments directed to girls by unfortunately girls too. I.e. if she wears no make up, people say she can't take care of herself, or "No wonder her husband plays outside". If she is a fulltime mum, they frown and say "Fulltime mum? Why doesn't she help bring money for the house? She has a master degree and just letting it go to waste!". If she puts her children in childcare and go to work, people say she is a bad mum for not taking care of her kids herself. So??? :/

See, I told you being a girl is hard.

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