Saturday, December 20, 2014

All is Because of Money!!

I just realised today that all issues appear because we don't have money *nodding*

I went to some houses inspection today, and while the price was quite reasonable for the location, type of house, and the house age, I kept questioning it and kept trying to find the fault of it. I said to myself, the location is really good, and the house looks quite new and it is not that old. However, I also said to myself, but the house doesn't have double bricks! It's made of gyprock! And there is only 1 bathroom and the courtyard is not big. But then I said to myself again, but you all loved it the moment you stepped into the house!! Isn't that what matters?

Then it just hit me! It all because I don't have a lot of money -_-! Imagine me having a truckload of money. I wouldn't worry about all of those. If I like it, then I would buy it straight away! I don't need to worry if the price worth it. No need of building inspection, pests inspection, etc etc.. Once I don't like it, I can always resell and find another one I like, isn't it? Also, I wouldn't be telling myself I don't want a swimming pool because it's troublesome to clean, and costs a lot to replace the water. If I have a lot of money, I can hire someone to clean it every week. And replacing the water won't be an issue anymore. Right?? Who actually doesn't want to have a swimming pool?

Now where can I find that truckload of money? Hmmm....

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