Friday, December 26, 2014

Korean Food in Berry Sq

One day last week I was busy and could not get out to buy lunch. Little Missy was so nice and offered to go buy me when walking back from North Sydney. So I told Little Missy to buy me anything, and the Korean lunchbox was what I got.

Yep, luckily North Sydney has Korean food in Berry Square food court. It's called Bimbab I think. They sell bibimbab, kimbab and lunchboxes. It's reasonably priced too. I can't remember all the prices, but normal lunchbox with rice cause $7. So when I don't want to spend to much money, that is what I will get. In addition, when I feel like dieting, they have the option to change the rice for brown rice for $1 extra (though brown rice really doesn't keep me full more than an hour -.-).

They also have sashimi bibimbab which I haven't tried. I've eaten their bibimbab for so many times and I like it. You can add fried egg too to it. They have a few selection of sauces for bibimbab, I.e. miso, soy sauce, traditional spicy beef and vegetarian spicy sauce. I usually get the traditional sauce. I keep telling myself I will try their sashimi bibimbab one day, but still haven't got the chance yet. It should be nice during summer :)

Okay, back to how nice Little Missy was. These were what Little Missy bought me, Tuna Kimbab with fried chicken and prawn lunchbox and melon flavoured soy milk. I did ask him to buy me sushi and soymilk. I was thinking of sushi or onigiri, so with milk I should be full enough. But I got lunchbox instead.

That's all good, but... I don't like tuna T___T and I don't like melon T__T well not to the point I won't eat them, but I wouldn't choose them for myself. Well at least the tuna is in sushi, less tuna flavours. And the melon flavoured soymilk turned out to be okay. Lucky lol!

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