Thursday, September 24, 2015

4 Conditions

This is a story about a friend of mine, as requested by him, let say his name is Denny :-P

Denny was in the middle of pursuing this girl. Everything was good and he liked her. So, one day he told her he loved her, and would like her to be his girlfriend. To his surprise, the girl told him, "Are you sure you want to be my boyfriend? You better think again carefully". Denny's face was like 0__0

The girl then told him, I have 4 conditions if you want me to be your girlfriend:

1. We won't date for too long. I'm not young anymore. We'll see how we go, and if it works, then we'll get married within a year.

Denny was surprised, but he thought, a year... It's ok, a year it's ok, if it works we'll get married. I'm at marriageable age anyway.

2. My boyfriend needs to have a house.

Denny said ok to this one too. He doesn't have a house yet, but he could get mortgage. This condition was accepted too.

3. My mum would have to live with us forever after we got married.

Hmmm.. Denny thought about this. This one was a bit tough. But Denny is a good guy and as long as it's reasonable enough, he wouldn't mind things. The girl's dad had passed away, and she's the only child, so it was reasonable enough to ask for this. So, Denny said yes to this too.

4. Your parents cannot live with us.

*thunder strikes* Denny was stunned 0_0 what? My parents cannot live with us but yours has to? This was a very tough one.

Denny said, "Hmm... That's pretty hard, I will need to think about it first".

The girl said to him, yeah, I've stated my conditions. You better think about it carefully and then let me know if you still want to go ahead.

When Denny told me this story, he said, "This is the only time I asked a girl out, and I'm the one who has to take time to think about it!!"

Denny then thought for a few days. The only think that was the issue is point 4. His parents wouldn't be able to stay permanently with him. But her mum had to. After much thought, he decided not to go ahead with this girl. He felt that it's really selfish of her to ask for her mum to stay forever with them, but his parents could not. If there is no condition number 4, he would have gone ahead.

So he told the girl that he's not after her anymore.

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