Monday, September 21, 2015

The Goodness in Our Company - Importance of Responding to Customers

I might have not mentioned the good things that our company does very often, but as annoying and special Superexcited is, he does have the customers' best interests in his mind and we do deliver very good customer service.

I noticed this many times before. Not just when I'm in Australia, but also in Indonesia. The first thing is the importance of keeping the customer informed of the progress. He always stresses to get back to the customer and tell them that we're onto it, or we still don't know what happens but our IT is looking at it, or it's fixed and they can use it again. He makes a point that it's ok we still don't know or still working on it, but make sure the customer knows we are looking after them.

Few weeks ago I received a letter from my lending bank, telling me the loan interest has increased. I remembered my broker mentioned about it weeks before I received the letter, and she said it shouldn't affect me, but she would check again. She never got back to me, so I thought all was good. So, on Monday I sent her a message asking if the interests really have increased. No response. On Thursday I gave her a call, once she picked up, she straight away said, "Oh, did your interest rate increase? Can you please send me this and that documents to me? I will renegotiate with them". Notice how she knew what I was looking for but didn't bother to respond? I sent her the documents via email on Friday.

I haven't heard anything from her since then. Today is Monday, I sent her those 2 Fridays ago. She didn't acknowledge the receipt of those docs too (she only acknowledged it once throughout our business together).

I remember long time ago Superexcited scolded Miss Nice to the verge of crying because she didn't email the customer that we would look at the issue he/she found within 6 hours of receipt. Honestly, that time I thought it was too much. I thought it was not even a day, and it's not that the issue has been fixed. But now I know, it's more than just being told it's fixed, it's to know that it would be fixed and that our wait doesn't go in vain. Afterall once time flies, it's gone and won't come back. So we know we're not wasting our time waiting.

So for that, I give Superexcited a credit :))

There are other good thing he forces, but I will talk about it later :)

Have a great week ahead guys!

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