Thursday, September 10, 2015

When Someone Quits and Superexcited Doesn't Like It

This story actually happened long time ago when Superexcited lagi kumat a.k.a needed his dose of medicine. Have put off writing it all these time coz everytime I think about it, I feel bad to this ex-colleague.

Once upon a time, there was an employee named Schwarzenegger. He was a great employee, but he wasn't happy in the office for a number of reasons. Please keep in mind that this happen when Superexcited was playing up, so a lot of things were just what the.... So Schwarzenegger didn't like it.

Micromanaging is one of the things he didn't like. At that time, every single day we had morning meeting within IT department and we had to say every single thing we did the previous day and what we needed to do on the day. Plus, have we used up the budgeted hour for that task? If yes, why? Why did you spend that much time for it? Explain.

That time was also the start of our keeping time every day. As it was very new, creamer was very... Annoying. Checking if everyone's done it yesterday, has everyone entered 7.5? If not, why did you only enter 6 hours? Because that day I had diarrhea and been running to the toilet every 5 minutes. All those kinds of things. Basically you were questioned about every minutes you were in the office. Thinking back, I wonder why didn't I escape back then.

Also, trainings. Have I told you about out company 'training'? I don't like putting things in quotes unless it really deserves to be quoted. Our training is not like other companies training where the company hires external company to give training to their employees, and also not sending the employees to some places out there to attend seminars or courses. Nope. Our training is 99% internal training, meaning Superexcited prepares a presentation with some 'lucky' employees about business related topics.

Yes. Business topics. But your department is IT?? Yep. My point exactly. Superexcited always argues that anybody in the company needs to attend because it's 'related' to the work we do. Okay... But what about FBT? What about how to write good electronic direct marketing? Well he wants everyone there, so he gets everyone there. Including the accountants and designers. Do we ever get IT training? Yes, probably 2 out of 100 trainings. And do the non-IT department staff attend it? They only attended 1 and they all put the same look IT people look when we have to attend those 'trainings'. Now you know how it feels. But only once and that's it. Superexcited only attended once too. How unfair.

Those 2 were the main things that made Schwarzenegger left. He couldn't stand to keep track of how many minutes he spent going to the toilet, how long did he go to kitchen to get water and why did he spend 2 hours looking at bugs. He felt trapped and he felt that he was at school. I did too. Everyone in the company would agree too (Again how did I manage to keep on going that time?? I really am tough!). Plus Superexcited talked a LOT that time. Monologues. Did we enjoy it? Nope. Could we not agree with bkn? Do you want to die? I think you get the idea. Everybody really just sat there listening (into one ear, out of the other) and nodded (i didn't if I didn't agree).
Schwarzenegger too wasn't happy had to listen to all that.

But what really pushed him over the edge was the lunch time trainings. We started having trainings during lunch. We could bring our food in, but only sandwiches. No hot food. Come on, most of our lunches are hot food. And, lunchtime trainings mean we don't have lunch break really. They said the trainings are half hours. The one I attended took 45 minutes. Did we get extra break? Nope.

We had a big argument during our morning meeting. Schwarzenegger argued that working 8 hours a day with practically no break is not healthy. We think all day. We need to have an hour break to clear our mind and to be productive. Creamer responded, how many lunchtime trainings did we have? 1. And how many did you attend? 0. And he had a go at him for not attending instead of addressing the real issue.

True it was only the first one, but one would lead to another and by the time there have been a LOT, they will say well nobody complained? Why complain now? Plus, that time we had morning training every 2 weeks!! When I joined, they said it's once every 6 weeks. Not during this bloody period.

Nobody else supported Schwarzenegger's argument except me and Marico. Later on, he thanked me for backing him up in that argument. He was disappointed by the guys in their lunch group, during lunches they all complained about the same thing. But during the argument they didn't say anything. That time I was so fed up that I didn't care even if I was fired. Creamer was also a new manager, so he was really not a good manager. He agreed to anything Superexcited said. Enough said.

So the after that meeting, he resigned. I was very surprised. He was looking for houses and he didn't have a new job yet. But he couldn't stand it anymore and resigned. He gave 1 month notice. He didn't do anything wrong. 1 month is the agreed notice required per the contract. However, well... You know how Superexcited is, don't you? He was so angry about him leaving, about how much we have trained him and he just leaves, about the 1 month notice itself, that he was supposed to tell them first that he was THINKING to leave, that he believed Schwarzenegger's got a new job already, blah blah blah... and he told Creamer to make sure to give A LOT of work this 1 month! IMHO, that's stupid man, what if you give him a LOT of work, and he did it all terribly or made it so complicated? Who's going to cop it? US! It's not against the law to make your code unreadable or unmanageable, you can't sue him for it!

During that 1 month, Superexcited NEVER EVER talked to Schwarzenegger. He told Creamer, to tell Schwarzenegger not to attend the Friday morning meeting again and instead work in the other area. He wasn't allowed to attend the training session too. But tell you what? Pretty much everybody kinda envied him for not needing to attend those anymore XP

Oh, and when we had drinks next door, he wasn't invited. This was how it went:
Slitherin, Schwarzenegger, and Creamer were talking about work in the hallway when Superexcited came to them. Superexcited then came in between Schwarzenegger and the 2 guys, then asked,
Superexcited: "Slitherin, are you coming for a drink?"
Slitherin: "Yeah"
Superexcited: "Creamer, are you coming for the drinks?"
Creamer: "yes"
Superexcited: "Ok! See you soon!"
And he left. He behaved like Schwarzenegger did not exist. Funny eh?

However the worst came on Schwarzenegger's last day. He went to the bosses to say goodbye. Lao San was sad to see him go, but wished him well. Poker Face wished him well and told him to return the book Schwarzenegger's borrowed whenever he's done with it. Schwarzenegger knew Superexcited hated him, but he was being polite, he couldn't just say goodbye to the 2 but not him, so off he went. In Schwarzenegger's words, "It was the worst 30 minutes conversation in my life."

Superexcited said he couldn't wish him well. He was disappointed that he left. He's given him everything and he just left (that's his trademark line. Though usually we don't know exactly what he has given :l) and blah blah blah... Long story short it was AWFUL. Our receptionist was passing by when they had the conversation and she was like, "It's awful. You don't want to hear what he's saying to him. I feel sorry for him".

So that's my friends, what happens when you leave and he doesn't like it.

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