Thursday, October 15, 2015

Greenwood L'occitane Grand Opening Haul

Hehehe... I did a haul at L'occitane yesterday XD I knew Greenwood L'occitane was opening yesterday, and I knew they had this bag of gift for 50 first customers... which I wanted!! XD Unfortunately when I arrived, they haven't opened yet. And unfortunately again, yesterday happened to be the training day -_- so I was tossing to come or not.

The training finished at 9:15. I was so happy and couldn't wait to run out of the door. But... Superexcited started talking and talking, and making questions for us to answer (or to read his mind -.- sometimes I wonder, it is obviously clear that what he thinks most of the time is not what everybody else thinks, so why waste time to train us to be mind reader?). He also said that none of us asked questions! Excuse me sir, 2 people asked questions before -_-

At last, the training officially finished at 9:30. I straight away checked my email, nothing urgent needed to be done, great, then rannnnnnnnn to catch a bus. I had to wait like 5 minutes for the bus -.-
When I got to the store, it was PACKED! I saw someone giving out small bags of samples, so I hung around hoping to be given one XD Not long after, I did get one wooohoooo!

L'occitane Opening Day Samples
 Not bad ay? Really not bad for samples. That shampoo is big for sample size, and the perfume is not vial size too! If they're not stingy with me, I won't be stingy with them too! Here are the list of samples:
- Magnolia & Mure Eau De Toilette 7.5 ml
- Precious Cream 1.5 ml
- Amanda Milk Concentrate 6 ml
- Creme Perfectrice 1.5 ml
- Dry Skin Hand Cream 3 ml
- 5 essential oils shampoo 75 ml (Travel Size!)
- Voucher for Elle Hand Cream Collection with a spend of $30

My plan was go to the store, grab a hand cream, and then pay! What happened was, I got confused where the damn hand cream was, so one of the lady staff asked me if I needed help. I did ask her about the hand cream, and she did show me where. Then, she asked, "Would you like me to give you a hand spa?". I said "Yes, please!" *banging my head on the wall" I completely forgot my original plan and that I MUST go back to the office ASAP!

The handspa was awesome by the way. She exfoliated my hand and put on the most popular hand cream in the world, so popular that 1 tube is sold every 3 seconds. And then asked me to compare it with the non-treated hand. I could really feel the different and it felt good :) I was nervous though, thinking I had to go back soon.

Finished with that, she asked me if I needed anything else. I said I actually needed moisturizer. Every change of season from winter to spring, my facial skin always goes super dry, cracking, itchy and bumpy. Sometimes it gets incredibly bad, I don't even dare to put on my normal moisturizer as it makes my face stings! (I really shouldn't have said I needed that since I really needed to leave! But after that treatment, I thought maybe... there is a product that can help too).
She asked me how do I want the product to be like. I said I don't really mind as long as it's not too strongly perfumed. I've been using Garnier lately, and their products smell SO strong! I have always liked fragrances, can't believe that because of those products I'm actually turning into my mum who hates fragrances -_-.

She then brought the cleanser, exfoliate and moisturizer. She said that I needed a good cleanser and exfoliate as those bumps are dirt and needs to be cleaned out. She tried them out on my hand and yes it felt great. Damn. 

She then apply the moisturizer on my hand and asked if I liked the feel of it. It felt good, but it was a bit heavy to my liking. It was still a little bit oily when touched. I asked if that would be fully absorbed during the day, coz if not then I wouldn't like it. She said it will, but if I thought it was too heavy, there is another one she can show.

The other one has less fragrance and the price was not as expensive. It is absorbed more quickly and doesn't leave oily feeling on my skin, I liked it better. She did say though that I should only use it during spring. It wouldn't cut it for summer. Well I can try it first right? If it's good, I can always come back.

I ended up getting the cleanser too since it was half price. $14 instead of $28. I always use supermarket bought cleanser, so maybe it will make a difference? (I still have a lot of them at home though, what to do??? :P). Plus, since Dove cleanser cost me around $10 last year or the year before, this is actually a good deal :) So I went and queued to pay for those and also the small hand cream. She got me a membership form to join too.

While waiting, another staff saw that my purchase was going to be more than $60. They have a special opening day offer to get a bag of Gift with Purchase - The ‘Scent of Provence’ for $25 if you purchased more than $60. The content looked like it was worth it so I got that too. Later on I saw that bag had some tubes of mini hand cream too... I then left the hand cream I originally wanted to buy :P

They tried to care for the customers by giving out a cup of lavender earl grey tea, and there was also a box of chocolate at the register. I dunno if that's their standard customer service as this can really be considered as my first real visit to L'occitane. The staffs were friendly and helpful too.

While queuing, I wasn't sure if I could still get the free goodie bag, but then the guy at the register took 4 bags of them out. Yes, I was still in the game! Then another staff came up and asked how many more bags left? That guy said 3. I started to get worried :l My line was taking forever! The other line was faster. The guy who served my line took his time to show the samples, sprayed tissue paper for the bag with jasmine and bergamot perfume and even getting us to sniff it. Nice service, but not when you are racing against the other line to get the free bag!! Lol

When it was my turn, there were only 2 left. I asked him (tactfully), if I still could get the free bag for 50 first customers? He put 1 next to my stuffs and said, lucky! Phew.... =P the women at the next register got the last one down too. Lucky I did it first, there were in a group!

Sooooo here is the photo of the items I got in L'occitane that day!!! XD Both paid and free :P The bottom ones are the samples just for turning up. 

The top left ones, the blue pouch and 6 items below it are the $25 Gift of Purchase. It consists of shower gel, 2 tubes of mini hand cream, block soap, Jasmine and Bergamot Eau de Toillete and body lotion. 

The wrapped tall bottle and small brown box in the middle are the moisturizer and cleansing milk I bought.

And finally the hot pink pouch with 4 items below it are the goodie bag for 50 first customer I've been eyeing since few days before the opening *shamelessly happy* XD It includes mini hand cream (the one that is sold every 3 seconds), Rose Nude Lip Balm, Perfecting Cream and a body soap. I really shouldn't buy any more beauty products until next year -.-

After that I ran straight to catch a bus back. In total, I was away for 40 minutes @__@ Lucky nobody asked *phewwwww

I put my bags at reception and then with my colleague in the other department just so I didn't have to carry them to my desk and made it so obvious hahaha XD

Don't tell anyone ok? ;-)

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