Thursday, October 22, 2015

Clocks, Please Tick Slower :(

I don't know about you guys, but nowadays I feel that time goes quicker and quicker. Sometimes I actually believe that Earth rotates faster and faster as it ages, though I don't get how come all the clocks in the world know they need to tick faster.

When I turned 21, my workmate said to me, "Time starts to fly after you turn 21". God, how correct she was!

Nowadays I never feel I have enough time. True, everyone has 24 hours in a day, but come on, just like not everyone gets full with a bowl of rice, I believe most people don't find 24 hours enough too. Especially if you work full time. When I was 7-8, I remember I was home drawing. Everytime I looked at the clock, only 5 minutes had passed. It was so damn slow! Now? Everytime I look at the clock, another hour's gone. Except when I'm having that famous Friday meeting...

I go to work around 7, arrive home either 7:30 pm or 8:30 pm depending if I go to gym. Then shower, eat, and there 8:30 or 9. I only have 2 hours before bedtime. Then I get confused, what should I do? Should I do some reading? Should I watch movies or series? If yes, what series should I watch? Conan, Lan Ling Wang, Perfect Couple, Hotel King, Bones or Lu Zhen? Or should I refresh my Mandarin? Or should I do some crafts I haven't finished? Which one? Then I pick one of those things to do, but when I'm doing it I think, "Would it be better if I do other thing?". As the result I wasn't satisfied :l

Same thing with weekend. When I'm home, I calculate how many hours I have before I have to go out or before bed time. And there goes those thoughts again of what to do now.

I wonder if it's the process of getting old. I used to love sleeping in. I still do now, but nowadays I feel like I better not waste those time sleeping and better wake up early so I can do weeding instead while the sun is not too hot!

Today is Thursday. Now, everytime Wednesday or Thursday come, instead of being happy that weekend is so close already, I think, "OMG, another week's gone already??". Well I'm still happy when the weekend comes, but you know what I mean.

I wonder if it's because we have so many things to do nowadays. Go to and you are guaranteed to waste a lot of time there. Open your instagram and half hour's gone. And that's just instagram, not facebook. Plus, all those messages and people on whatsapp you need to respond or contact. I actually have to think first what I want to watch on YouTube before going on the site. Therefore when I'm there, I can go straight to it instead of staring down at my home screen and find other random thing I end up wasting my time on.

Last Sat to Mon I had a kind of mobile detox. My prepaid credit expired on Friday, and I didn't recharge it until Monday (i was stingy to recharge on the weekend thinking I would be at home anyway and could use WiFi instead XD). I actually quite liked it. No responsibility to reply whatsapp messages, no urge to check Facebook and instagram, there was no need to check on my mobile really. It was calming. I could even turn silent setting off as I wouldn't get all those annoying noises for notifications. Maybe I should really turn all those notification noises off and I can keep my setting to normal hmm.. and you know what, those days felt a little bit slower.

I always think 24 hours a day is not enough. It should really be 30! And I think everyone should have 4 days working week instead of 5. That would be soooo good!

Do you feel your time goes too quickly too?