Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Things Indo Shopkeepers Say That Puts You Off Shopping

Indo shopkeeper can be very friendly (when they want to). However, they sometimes can't filter what they say...

In a clothing shop trying on jeans
Me: It's too small, I can't zip it up. Do you have one size up?
Shopkeeper: No, that's the biggest one. It's because your butt is big.
Me: -__- not buying anymore.

Got a text message when I got to department store from Skinfood about 50% off today (sometimes it's scary how they know where you are and text you special deals once you step your feet into the mall. Or parking lot of the mall... I wonder if Indo has privacy law in place). So I went.

Me: *browsing through the skin care products*
Shopkeeper: Hello...
Me: Hello.
Shopkeeper: We have special offer of 50% off skincare today.
Me: oh yeah, ok, thank you.
Shopkeeper: Sis, this product would definitely suits you very well. I guarantee it! *smiling widely while pointing her finger to a range of products targeted for acne prone and troubled skin*
Me: Wth... Let's go -_-"

My mum took us shopping pyjamas at the market as we needed some clean pyjamas for staying over at my bestie's. While looking, my mum also took a look at the range of nighties the seller had.

Mum: Do you have anything that's a bit wider from waist down? Nowadays the nighties are not as wide as they used to be at the bottom... (This is actually true. I noticed that too since I like flowy and loose nighties).
Seller: Ah, can't be, they are always the same size. Your butt must be the one getting bigger ma'am.
Me and mum: -.-
Me: Sir, you better not say that kind of thing to your customer if you don't want to drive them away -_-!
Seller: hahaha...

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