Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Different Similar Fate

Okayyyy time for my random blabbering. Been wanting to just talk about anything, but haven't got the chance to. But I think this is not completely random.

My best friend, who's getting married in a month, just told me and the other bridesmaid that she had been made redundant yesterday morning. It was a shock for her. Her whole department will be taken over by their UK brand and everyone in her department was pretty much unemployed since yesterday. There was no gossip, no warning, no clues what so ever before she had the conference call yesterday morning.

I guess that's how life is, isn't it? It can suddenly throw something at you, good or bad. You can be having a good life now, and suddenly you don't have a job. Or, you could be doing pretty bad, and suddenly someone helped you and later on you become a millionaire. You just never know.

My friend was pretty depressed yesterday. I don't know how she's feeling really, as I never had the experience, but she sounded pretty stressed. Not surprising, of course. Especially with the wedding coming up, the honeymoon, and all the expenses she had to pay throughout the year. I don't know why, but she does have a lot of expenses this year, I. E. Her mum Permanent Residency fee (which is like 40-50k) and her investment property costs and fees. To make it even worse, she's the type who can't not work. She gets stressed if she doesn't go to work, and can't just sit idle.

Thinking about it, horoscopes divides people into 12 star signs. Meaning people born between 2 dates are in a same category and supposedly have same traits.

This friend and I were born on the same day. Different place and time of the day, but same day, same month, and same year. Though we do share some traits, we are quite different.

She's always been a workaholic. She came to Australia, thinking she's going to study and work. She straight away searched for information on how to apply for working visa and started asking her brother's mates for vacancies. When she turned 18, she applied for visa and started working 2 jobs at the same time.

Me? I remember coming to Australia, thinking I was going to study, but I can work casual during my spare time. I applied my working visa a week after my 18th birthday, dragged my other friend who wanted me to accompany her looking for jobs. She was also very eager to start working. I wasn't too eager, I was a bit scared and not confident as my English wasn't up to standard yet. That day, both of us found a job together.

I didn't last long in that job, only 2 months. I hated it. Then I quit. I found a job handing out free paper in the morning (this job will help me get to where I am now) , once a week, and once in a while I went for 2 hours job of trialling out noise blocking headphones. That went on for a year.

Her, on the other hand, dropped her McDonald job and kept Burger King. She worked a lot. She would be running out the door once tutorials finished to get to her shift. She'd skip some of her lectures and worked instead. She'd take shifts that her team mates couldn't do and she'd ditch me and my bestie when we're going out if Burger King called her asking if she could work.

After a year, 3 of us were shopping at Broadway when Eva saw a vacancy for stock take at Go-Lo...

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