Thursday, August 10, 2017

Similar Different Fate - Part 2

One day 3 of us were shopping at Broadway, then Eva went to buy something at Go-Lo. When she returned, she told me and the other bestie the Go-Lo was looking for people for stock take. My response was, "What's stock take?". Neither of them knew what stock take meant either. But even so, I went and put down my details. Eva didn't, because she was going on holiday soon, but the other one did.

Few days after, I received a phone call telling me I got the job. The other friend didn't get it. It was funny, considering she put down her name right after mine, either I was the last person required, or they thought her one was a prank as we put same birthday. That time, I still didn't know what stock take was 😂

So I went, and turned out it was just a one day job to count the stocks in hand. No interview what so ever as it was just that. I was a bit disappointed, but at least I earned money right? It was a long job, I finished at 10. The manager told us, if we didnt mind, he'd pass our details to the other stores just incase they need people. Other store did call me, and I even managed to get the other friend to come work too.

Probably a week after, I received a call from that manager, saying he couldn't find my forms, did I fill them out? I said yes. He said he'd keep searching and would call me if he couldn't find them. Few days after, his phone call woke me up. Sleepily I picked up, and he asked me if I was looking for a job? I said yes, I was. Then he said he needed some casuals and would I be interested? Oh hell I was! He asked me to come in to chat, and I was officially hired 😊

OK, from then on, I became busy. I didn't work over my 20 hours limit, but enough to get me busy. In addition, I got another 1 morning a week handing free paper job. I followed rules closely to the t and made sure I didn't work more than 20 hours. Therefore, a lot of times I had to drop my shifts. Same with exam period, I'd be asking for a week off to study (though the most I got was few days off 😕 After few days off, my manager would call up saying the other girl was sick, could you please come? So I couldn't say no and went to work).

This other bestie however, would be the one asking for more shifts and didn't ask for days off to study. She'd burn the midnight oil to study rather than taking days off work. There was once she had to fake a sickie on an exam day because she didn't finish her study.

Do you see the pattern between me and her now?

Even after uni, she went straight into job hunting while I was scared as hell and didn't apply for anything until 6 months after graduation. Even that, was forced.

She found a full time job pretty soon after graduation. But she still kept her Coles as second job for weekends and sometimes night shifts.

I continued with Go-Lo and 2 mornings handing free papers, then I got a part-time programming job (3 days a week). I kept that up until I changed job 1.5 years after. This time, it's a full time job. However, I still kept my Go-Lo job (around this time, the missing money incident occurred) for a few months for the weekend, and then moved to a souvenir store.

I honestly only planned to stay for a couple of months in that souvenir store. I joined, just because I was invited by the last manager of Go-Lo and curiosity. However, not long after that, my sisters graduated and couldn't find a job. It was GFC again. I had to keep 2 jobs to cover all of our expenses. My parents could support us, of course. But my dad was having depression, asking for money would just add up to his depression. If he's depressed and asked me all those questions, it would stress me out, so it was easier to just earn as much money as I could.

So yeah, if I think about it, me and my friend have pretty similar journey of life. However, in my case, it was not my choice. I don't know if it was luck, coincidence, or just fate. In her case, she chose to do so. It's in her nature to strive and earn money. Back then in uni, if she didn't get shifts for a week, she'd freak out and chasing her manager. For me, I'd just calculate to see if I can survive from last week's pay and I'd be content. I was sure too that someone would call in sick and I'd be called to work. If not, then I could relax. Mind you, her parents could support her too.

I was born at night, which makes me a night rat. They said night rats fate is tiring. It's the time when they need to go out and find food while everyone else is asleep. It's true in my case. I believe my friend was born during day time, and according to the horoscope, she should be the happy rat, sleeping in after eating all the food she's found.

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